FINALLY, an alternate fee methodology for Entry All Areas membership!

FINALLY, an alternative payment method for Access All Areas membership!

Ever since Spoon Graphics introduced Access All Areas membership in 2009, I’ve wanted to offer an alternative payment method to PayPal. It’s been a popular request for the past decade, but despite several attempts, I’ve never managed to figure out how to do it … until now! I’m excited to announce that Stripe has been successfully integrated so you can securely enter your card details to unlock hundreds of premium design resources, historical tutorials, and source files on Spoon Graphics.

I’ve teamed up with the most talented designers in the industry to create more than $ 5,000 Worth downloading premium design resources for Access All Areas members. When you become a member of Access All Areas, you get access to over 300 elements including fonts, vectors, brushes, textures and more. Access All Areas members also unlock years of tutorial content on Spoon Graphics that covers a variety of tips, tricks, and techniques for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

With the help of Stripe, one of the largest payment processing platforms, you can now enter your card details directly to sign up for a monthly Access All Areas membership without the need for a PayPal account. In addition, your data is completely safe. Stripe is certified for the highest level of security. I don’t have to worry about handling sensitive information, everything is managed by a global financial services company, not a random designer named Chris Spooner you know on the internet!

Spoon Graphics website traffic has dropped massively in the past few years, which means that advertising revenue has also decreased. Sites like StumbleUpon that used to send tens of thousands of visitors a day no longer exist, and Google’s never-ending algorithm changes have caused old posts to gradually lose their established search rankings.
I’ll be focusing a lot more on Access All Areas membership in the future, slowly rebuilding Spoon Graphics into a membership-only site, complemented by the Spoon Graphics YouTube channel, which means one day membership will be required to download the types of resources I’m currently giving away for free.
Don’t worry, there will be many more free articles published by then, but if you want to support Spoon Graphics, becoming a member of Access All Areas is the best way to do it … you get tons of professional design products in return, too!

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