Fareham cloud supplier Cobweb helps companies to remain related and protected against rising cyber assault threats

Cobweb Solutions, at Cams Hall Estate, was founded in 1996 as a website hosting service helping small businesses as well as larger organizations set up websites and dial-up Internet connections.

Today the 25-year-old company is one of the leading independent cloud hosting providers in Europe and supports companies in getting the most out of their IT systems. It supports 4,000 companies and more than 100,000 users.

The company offers IT services and training in a number of areas, such as cloud infrastructure and security, email security and IT consulting.

Head of Customer Success Michael Gore (left) and Managing Director Michael Frisby (right) Photo: Stuart Martin

And despite a difficult 18 months, CEO Michael Frisby says the demand for their services has skyrocketed as more companies are switching to the Internet to give their employees the ability to work remotely, hold online meetings and save data.

Michael said, “Protecting users, their devices, their data and their apps is critical to business success.

“An IT outage or a ransomware attack can paralyze a small business, so we fundamentally understand the importance of having the right security and protection for your data, devices and users within a company.”

Cobweb can help companies move to the cloud, which Michael says is cheaper, more productive and more secure than traditional IT systems.

Cobweb solutions and IT consulting in Fareham

It also provides ongoing IT support to ensure that “Businesses of all sizes, regardless of budget, are getting the most out of their IT.”

Over the course of the year, Cobweb has partnered with companies such as Internet provider Athene in 2001 and became a direct reseller of Microsoft services in 2014 and received official status as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.

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In 2016, Cobweb launched Vuzion, which provides other cloud providers with services and training to help them “build a sustainable, profitable business model”.

Managing Director Michael Frisby. Image: Stuart Martin

Vuzion has proven successful as it was recognized in The News’ Business Excellence Awards earlier this year in the Training Program of the Year category.

Over the past year, Cobweb’s priorities have shifted to providing enterprise security services to protect them and their customers from the increasing number of cyber attacks during lockdown.

Due to the pandemic, Cobweb has also had an increasing interest in its Microsoft 365 services and training, especially for Microsoft Teams, as more and more companies have had to move to remote working.

Michael said the goal is to ensure that the right infrastructure is in place so that all participants feel actively involved in the meetings, even if they cannot all be in the same room.

Cobweb has also introduced new materials under the Cobweb Secure banner to ensure that its partners are fully protected.

Cobweb offers a range of different services depending on the client’s needs and budget. In addition, each plan includes free training and technical support.

Story by Sophie Murray

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