EVOPS Advertising and marketing DMCC rolls out digital advertising and marketing bundle to assist eCommerce retailers speed up development


Hina Bakht, Managing Director, Evops Marketing & PR
Photo credit: Delivered

Dubai-based EVOPS Marketing DMCC has launched a special package that combines digital marketing and strategic guidance on integrating technology to help e-commerce retailers achieve their business goals.

Speaking of the announcement, Hina Bakht, Managing Director for EVOPS Marketing DMCC said, “Every successful e-commerce business is a combination of compelling products, great online user experience, seamless payment, great logistics and powerful marketing. Often times, companies miss or neglect some of the most important steps to maximize sales and profitability. At EVOPS, we specialize in delivering a full range of digital marketing services combined with strategic guidance on introducing and integrating technologies that optimize every aspect of the business. From developing e-commerce platforms for retailers to creating online marketplaces, leveraging stores by growing existing markets and opening up new markets, our agency is well equipped to support market development. “

During the pandemic, the region saw strong growth in e-commerce, driven by increasing digital demand.

Hina emphasized: “Especially in the market-leading UAE there is enormous potential and opportunities for further expansion in the MEA region. It is imperative for businesses to understand their current status in the eCommerce ecosystem, as well as the challenges ahead and challenges ahead. Continuous innovation drives consumer experience and expectations. We are seeing a major shift in consumer behavior. Shoppers are looking for faster, safer, mobile, more intuitive and personalized experiences, as well as flexible payment options and instant fulfillment. The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has completely changed and enriched the customer experience. “

According to experts, delivering the in-store experience online is critical to any e-commerce success and plays an important role in retaining online shoppers.

Hina said, “There are many tools out there that are ideal for businesses of all sizes that can help replicate the normal online experience. It is important to remember that eCommerce is here to stay and grow as more and more small and micro businesses enter the eCommerce landscape in response to consumer demand. ”