Emblem Designing in 2020 | Sources

Logo Designing in 2020 | Resources

Logo design is one of the most important elements of graphic design. In contrast to graphic designs, logo designs hardly change over the years. Many companies stick with a logo for a long time before deciding to redesign. Entrepreneurs and logo designers work together to create modern and brand-appropriate logos. In this article, we'll look at what every marketer, entrepreneur, and designer should do to create a strong logo.

The logo should be fresh and relevant

It doesn't matter whether you create a new logo or rename the old one, a logo should look fresh and relevant. Everyone has their own opinion on what a perfect logo should look like. A good logo should;

  • Represent your brand
  • Make is immediately recognizable
  • Be flexible
  • Be timeless

With that in mind, anything you want to add is optional. Use Shopify time management apps to prioritize and manage tasks. Just make sure that your design choice strengthens the above elements to become brand relevant.
Follow the available trends to find new ways to create engaging, unique and memorable logos that communicate your business. Trends have an inherent aesthetic value, but it doesn't make sense if they don't reflect your brand. Avoid trendy logos that are on the way to achieve your logo design goal.

The four elements explained

A logo should represent your brand

A logo should represent your brand – A good logo should embody your company, which is more important than balance, simplicity, color or line. A perfect looking logo can lose its meaning if it doesn't communicate your brand in any way. It is the visual representation of your brand that should present itself quickly and effortlessly. It should make consumers think about your business immediately when they see it. If not, this should tell you that you need to redesign it.

Should be recognizable

Should be recognizable – – A good logo should be immediately recognizable. To achieve this, it should be unique for consumers to think about your brand whenever they see it. It should be easy to visually identify yourself with bold lines and strong unique shapes.

Should be flexible

Should be flexible – To ensure that a logo works effectively, it should be flexible. It is important to ensure that it is included in every product you make, including business cards. This means that it should be easy to effectively scale the logo to different sizes to fit different products. Eliminate any complexity of the logo and make it as simple as possible.

Must be timeless

Must be timeless – The logo should ensure uniform branding in order to maintain customer loyalty and trust in your company. You should therefore try to create a logo that has a long lifespan. Once you have the customer's loyalty and trust, creating a brand new logo is a disadvantage as you have to reconnect it with the new logo. A good logo designer should avoid logo designs that date from their designs and focus on the authenticity of the brand.

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