Comms consultancy launches environmental division

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The communications consultancy Liquid has launched a specialized area of ​​Environmental Social and Governance (ESG).

ESG is used to evaluate the ethical behavior of organizations and helps to transparently compare processes, procedures and procedures based on defined criteria.

It encourages positive change for all companies in their business operations and communications, but especially for those looking to invest.

Liquid CEO Elisabeth Lewis-Jones said: “Never before have social and environmental sustainability and responsibility been higher on the agenda. Purpose-driven companies understand the importance of responsible investing and good corporate governance in building resilience and leadership in their industries.

“ESG acts as a catalyst for positive change and is recognized well beyond the companies that are legally required to report on their ESG results.

“ESG helps employees integrate into leadership and offers a more sustainable way of doing business. Chloe Baker, Liquid Account Director, leads our ESG team and has a proven track record in the environment, conservation and sustainability. Our goal is to help clients demystify, develop and communicate their ways to reach their full ESG potential. “