Casetify pronounces debut of Hi there Kitty in two particular version collections

Casetify announces Hello Kitty's debut in two Special Edition collections

Casetify welcomes Hello Kitty to the Co-Lab program for two Special Edition collections

Lifestyle brand Casetify invites Sanrio's favorite character, Hi Kittyto revise two special-edition collections of tech accessories that will be available worldwide on May 22, 2020.

The Hello Kitty x Casetify collection will be available in two capsules: the Mini Mart collection and the Signature collection. Since both product lines are based on the enchanting functions that Hello Kitty fans have come to know and love, each accessory creates a new way of personalizing and representing the iconic character of premium quality Casetify accessories.

The Mini Mart Collection is launched with the limited edition of Hello Kitty x Casetify and brings candy-colored market items and redesigned everyday items to a range of accessories that are compatible with iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods 1/2, AirPods Pro, MacBooks, iPads, and more. From floaty cases in special editions to playful “fruit stickers”, which Casetify bestsellers such as glitter and impact cases take on, fans are invited to adapt and create their own accessory approved by Hello Kitty.

Customers who join the range and are presented on time for collaboration can also take their technology to the virtual “fridge aisle” and choose from limited-edition designer milk cases to make their phones a staple in shopping lists. At the same time, Hello Kitty x Casetify will also launch a signature collection of classic designs that brings timeless kitty looks like her red bow, blue sweater, and LBW (little black whiskers) to tons of custom technical accessories, including the new Casetify puffy case.

"Hello Kitty is a very special partner who joins Casetify for our latest collection," said Wes Ng, CEO and co-founder of Casetify. "We are only introducing collaboration as we can – by inviting the entire Casetify community to a Hello Kitty global celebration and bringing their joy and sense of style to every accessory."

When Hello Kitty officially joins the Casetify Co-Lab (a creative program known for launching sold-out capsules with brand partners from around the world), the collection will introduce two brand new Casetify products to the collaboration. First of all, fans can equip their technology with the new 2-in-1 handle stand made of clothes, which is available in four designer prints. The belt is disguised as an indispensable Mini Mart bandage and designed for easy handling of the smartphone. It offers a cute way to grab portable technology and stand up.

Customers can also purchase Casetify's first printed UV disinfectant. Equipped with mercury-free disinfection lamps and an embedded wireless charger, customers can disinfect their screens and replenish their iPhone batteries in a true Hello Kitty fashion. The retail costs $ 120.

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