BYO Media, a Canadian Digital Advertising and marketing Company, Receives $1 Million CAD Funding

BYO Media, a Canadian Digital Marketing Agency, Receives $1 Million CAD Funding

BYO Media, a Canadian digital marketing agency that offers a range of different services aimed at delivering the best results to both local and international clients. With this recent funding from an organization, BYO Media can improve and expand its digital marketing services and solutions to help its customers thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. Likewise, funding can help develop better technology platforms that can give customers an unfair advantage over any competition.

Since its inception, BYO Media has grown into one of the leading companies in the digital marketing industry, offering a wide range of services and striving to deliver optimal results to customers targeting the Chinese market globally and locally. With its experts in digital marketing and its bilingual team, BYO Media lives from the success of its customers.

BYO Media has partnered with the best, including Google and others, to bring the latest and greatest of marketing technology to our customers. The company is an expert in digital media and omnichannel advertising, providing digital marketing services and solutions for a variety of industries. In fact, BYO Media has helped several companies achieve 50 to 300% in many stages of growth through the company’s accumulated knowledge and technology in the digital marketing space. As a leader in SEO, social media, marketplaces and web advertising, BYO Media prides itself on generating qualified traffic, converting visitors and using cutting edge technology to measure effectiveness to deliver real results to its customers.

With this recent $ 1 million CAD funding, BYO Media, along with its stellar marketers, designers, and developers, is sure to become a leading provider of technology-enabled digital marketing solutions that tailor strategies for each of its clients based on their needs and goals can develop. With this funding, BYO Media can put together thousands of successful digital marketing campaigns for businesses looking to increase leads, phone calls, transactions, and qualified website traffic. An improved technology-enabled marketing service from BYO Media can certainly help its customers’ businesses grow online leads and revenue.

The company currently has offices in Chicago, IL and Toronto, Ontario. It will expand across Canada and eventually internationally.

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