BMW works drivers trains on-line frequently with Formulation Drugs

BMW factory drivers regularly train online with Formula Medicine

Fitness training plays an important role in the everyday life of the luxury car brand, BMW Factory drivers, especially in the off-season and the current situation. Not only do they train alone at home, they now have the opportunity to regularly optimize their fitness together – online.

This is because Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli and his Formula Medicine team offer a special group training session via video conference for BMW works drivers three times a week, a service that is welcomed.

"We had never tested this before, but we had the idea based on the current situation and it works very well," said Dr. Ceccarelli. "Everyone is very professional and does their exercises, but it is an additional motivation to train and do the best with the others. It is fun to train and watch on video. So it is not just physical training but also great team building. "

The BMW works drivers do not need a lot of equipment for the digital training sessions, which last about an hour. You train with your own body weight – all you need is a mat for the floor. For each session, Formula Medicine employees develop various strength and endurance training programs. The service also includes mental training via video conference.

Online group training works so well that it can be continued in the future. "I always say" any problem can bring an opportunity, "said Dr. Ceccarelli. “We are already working at our facility to implement it and have more options for working with webcam and video conferencing to keep this going after Corona. The drivers are on the road a lot during the season, but with one or two training sessions a week on free days, we can all stay connected and share ideas. And if a driver has a question about a specific exercise, for example, we can simply connect via video, no matter where he is. "

It is planned to continue training until the season starts again. Three times a week, the BMW works drivers and the BMW Junior Team dial into the meetings from home and go full throttle for one hour.

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