Amazon launching large recruitment drive.

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Amazon continues to grow and develop as it announces that the brand will launch a massive recruiting campaign in the coming year.

When and where?

The roles Amazon is recruiting for include positions in corporate, robotics, research, and engineering. The total number of jobs is around 50,000. That number is spread across different countries, around 40,000 in the US, 2,500 in the UK and the rest is spread across India, Germany and Japan. The recruiting fair starts on September 15thNS.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said, “Amazon continues to grow rapidly and invent relentlessly in many areas”. Because of this steady growth, Amazon must hire more employees to keep up with the expansion of retail, cloud computing, and advertising.

Satellite time …

Many of these positions were opened in accordance with Amazon’s new satellite launcher program.

This program was a well-kept secret until recently. The $ 10 billion project is impressive to say the least, with the goal of launching just over 3,000 satellites. Around half of these should be on the market by the end of July 2026.

It goes without saying that this is a gigantic project. The brand plans to launch its own internet network – via the satellites. A very imaginative way of ensuring a great connection around the world.

What about the benefits?

To all those considering a career change: Amazon has done its best to make the company more attractive to its new employees. The brand is offering all new employees an entry-level bonus of £ 1,000.

In the run-up to this campaign, Amazon has already hired 10,000 people in the UK this year alone, bringing the number to 55,000.