Afterpay companions with extra manufacturers for the “new regular”

Afterpay works with other brands for the

The hip retailers for fitness, beauty and casual fashion are now offering flexible payments at Afterpay

additional payment, also known as Clearpay In the UK, the payment company "Buy Now Pay Later" has announced that it has entered into a partnership Drunk elephant, New balance, It cosmetics, The living proof, and ASOS – Offer customers a more flexible way to pay on time for midsummer purchases and the “new normal” social distance.

After consumers were banned in the U.S. almost four months ago, Afterpay has seen a significant increase in demand for fitness, beauty, and casual fashion items. During the quarantine, Afterpay experienced 4x more clicks on fitness and 1.2x more clicks on beauty, with top-selling fashion items such as T-shirts, shorts, sneakers and leggings.

This shift in consumer spending shows a clear interest of buyers in products that promote a casual lifestyle, wellness and self-care. Now is an ideal time to offer Afterpay with these consumer-preferred brands.

Nick Molnar, co-founder of Afterpay and CEO of the United States, said: “During the current COVID period, our customers tend to choose items that reflect their“ new normal ”lifestyle, preferring to use their own money and pay overtime. We are very excited to welcome these new brands to the growing afterpay family during this important shift in retail spending. "

"We are pleased to launch Afterpay for our US customers. We know the choice is important to our 20 fashion-conscious customers, and adding Afterpay as a payment method in the US will help provide our US customers with the best possible customer experience, ”said Eve Williams, Brand Experience Director. ASOS.

The company is already working with brands that consumers love, including Birkenstock, American Eagle, Kylie cosmetics, Urban Outfitter, Steve Driving me crazy, and Ulta beauty. With the Afterpay offer, retailers give consumers more flexibility and purchasing power – reduce the friction in the buying process and ultimately lead to higher sales and new customers in their business.

Afterpay increases the conversion rates of customers worldwide on average by more than 20% and the average order values ​​by more than 25% compared to all other payment methods.

A recent analysis of the company's users in the United States showed that 83% of customers use the service because of its product features, particularly its budget management and lack of interest. The same report shows that just over 50% of Afterpay customers visit the corporate app / portal each week, and 93% believe that Afterpay usage will either increase or remain the same.

Today, more than five million US customers use Afterpay after just two short years from the market at more than 15,000 top retailers.

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