A Week within the Lifetime of a Advertising Supervisor

Email Terms Every Marketer Needs to Know

Welcome to the wonderful world of a marketing manager.

Here is a brief overview:

  • spreadsheets
  • graphics
  • Content planning (a.k.a. spreadsheets …)
  • Put cool things on the Internet!
  • Manage outsourced work (we mentioned spreadsheets … 😂)

Read on to see:

  1. Like a week in the life of a marketing manager
  2. That we really don't make fun of the tables

Marketing managers start their week differently depending on when your weekly reporting meetings take place (which we'll discuss later). In this example, we're planning these meetings for Friday (which appears to be common). This means that on Monday morning you will do everything that was discussed in this weekly report meeting on Friday.

(Responsible) Marketing managers start their week by looking at their to-do list and planning their day and week. Preparation is the key in the hungry world of content marketing. It is therefore important to know what your week is like in order to stay organized and to schedule.

After the schedule is set, marketing managers begin to work on the most pressing tasks, either tasks assigned to them at their weekly report meeting on Friday or other tasks that are high on the list after the meeting.

Monday could look like this:

  • Keep emails and Slack messages up to date
  • Require new reports to be generated for various statistics (based on the weekly report meeting)
  • Check the content calendar of the week to make sure all content is planned, available, and ready to be published
  • Follow-up with freelancers about assigned work and assignment of work
    • For example, make sure that freelancers have all the resources they need to complete their work, answer all questions for clarification, and assign new tasks to them
  • Follow up influencers / outsourced marketing efforts
    • For example, answer all influencer questions and necessary clarifications, organize the incoming content and prepare it for use in more marketing strategies

Tuesday could look like this:

Content Planning:

Changes, additions, optimizations or models of the website page:

  • Rewrite required pages that are out of date or do not match the company's new branding
  • Add text and content based on new customer avatar information
  • Optimization of landing pages based on newly successful templates
  • Create models for new website pages or existing website pages (if the company is rebranding)

Wednesday could look like this:

Content creation:

Content discussion with the graphic designer to plan new graphic content needed for the editorial calendar:

  • Socials
  • infographics
  • Selected blog post images
  • Site Pictures
  • Create action items and schedule due dates for action items

Receive content from freelancers and organize content in your queue to be edited (ahem, a table).

Thursday could look like this:

Editing content for approval and planning:

  • blog Posts
  • Website content
  • scripts
  • Social media posts

Update of the editorial calendar (hellloooo, again spreadsheets!)

  • All content is inserted into a table and categorized according to the following categories:
    • Date and month of publication
    • Actual release date
    • Format (blog post, e-book, infographic, video, etc.)
    • content Title
    • category
    • URL

Check weekly reports for changes (good or bad):

  • Create a summary to explain reports: what they mean and what they tell us needs to be changed
    • Remember, marketing managers can view a report and understand it immediately. Managers may need to have him explained to understand what he is telling them
  • The summary is used in the weekly status call (tomorrow) to explain the marketing reports to senior management

Other necessary preparations for the weekly status call:

  • Specific reports on paid traffic campaigns
  • Updates to previous promotional items for marketing meetings
  • Content to be approved:

Friday could look like this:

Weekly status call on Friday (usually about an hour):

  • Meeting with superiors or managers (depending on the size of the company)
  • I'm talking about last week's activities
  • solve problems
  • Obtaining the necessary permits for new content, website design, etc.

You could do the following on Friday:

  • Make up for any work that could not be completed
  • Organization for next week
  • Learn

The best marketers know that they don't know everything and there is always room for improvement. So reading books, articles, marketing newsletters and current industry news is a necessity to keep up to date

Marketing managers ensure that the content world runs smoothly. With their expertise (and passion for spreadsheets), they can take a product and create the content that potential customers want to see.

It is their job to raise brand awareness, attract more customers and make them loyal fans. It is also their job to ensure that the content engine of their company or customer stays well lubricated and works smoothly.

We are grateful to all marketing managers, keep going!