A newbie’s information to digital advertising

A beginner’s guide to digital marketing

Fri 29.10.2021 00:00 Last update on: Fri 29.10.2021 00:00

This increasing number of internet users in Bangladesh signals a high point for the local digital marketing industry. Digital marketing – any type of electronic marketing – is everywhere now: Facebook, Instagram ads, influencer marketing, content marketing, videos and so on. There is a very high chance that someone on your friends list or one of your classmates has already worked in digital marketing. You could even say that one of the starting points for aspiring digital marketers, or even future corporations, is to work in a digital marketing agency or learn the basics from home. ‘

Illustration: Zarif Faiaz


Illustration: Zarif Faiaz

This raises several questions: Why is working in a digital marketing agency often the first step for new business graduates?

Nomrota S. Anushka, Junior Analyst at Anchorless Bangladesh, says, “It’s okay to think that joining agencies is a good start because that’s definitely a red flag.” maybe passionate about mastering. Agencies are far from easier when you want to focus on a single aspect of digital marketing and the learning never ends when you’re curious enough, ”she adds.

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Adnan Khan, Founder and CEO of Scratchboard, says, “When you join an agency early in your career, you learn from people who know more than you do. It also helps you figure out what you’re good at, be it screenwriting, design, media buying, copywriting, memes creation, and content creation. It is also possible to become a freelancer by specializing in a particular skill like copywriting. “

“This can be a good field to explore if you are a debater or know how to make a difference with words. Text writing is a useful skill. You write any text the customer reads, e.g. text between videos, SMS.

Which skills are crucial for digital marketing?

“I consider a professional code of conduct, organizational skills and research skills to be absolutely essential so that you can master any challenge. Even a basic idea about texts, strategy, design and just boosting on Facebook goes a long way.” Has years of experience with his digital agency.

“While these are very basic skills that you can learn on the go, if you can demonstrate those skills as a young professional, agencies get overwhelmed.”

From the student’s point of view, Nomrota added, “Data analysis, communication and creativity are all that a marketer needs to see things along the way. The ever-changing marketing industry has been dynamic and unpredictable, and the ability to change and adapt with the wind is a skill every marketer should possess. Online courses are a good start, but the trick is getting the enthusiasm for the job coupled with the technical know-how to interpret data and analyze consumer behavior. “

Of course, she had to face certain challenges in her time as a digital marketer. “The initial challenges during my learning phase were understanding the thought process behind segmenting the market and using the right marketing tool and social media channel to unleash the true potential of your strategy. What me Helped master this was becoming more familiar with how each channel worked, understanding how Facebook Analytics works, observing how the target market reacts to different types of content, and figuring out what works best. “

What prompts you to choose “agency life”?

Peer pressure can lead to viewing digital marketing as a potential career choice. But it’s more important to first find out what arouses natural curiosity and if that can somehow lead to a successful career in digital marketing.

Farhat Zishan Chowdhury, Communications Executive at Dotlines, didn’t plan his marketing career from the start. While his marketing major may have introduced him to this world, it was his love of reading and writing that sparked his interest in the possibilities of digital marketing.

“When I was in my second or third year, the marketing industry moved from the analog to the digital ecosystem. What excited me the most was the idea of ​​content marketing. How can you get people in the digital ecosystem to gain brand awareness and brand conversion? and media purchase? “

For Adnan, his interest came from the hit series “Mad Men”. “I was amazed how they used creativity to shape and monetize perception. I also organized events like soccer, FIFA tournaments and concerts in high school. The experience with the marketing of these events has definitely convinced me. Easy entry without investment. “

What challenges is the industry facing?

Farhat says the challenges are numerous. “First of all, the Bangladeshi audience is limited to just one communication channel: Facebook. Lots of people don’t know LinkedIn, Instagram, let alone Twitter and TikTok, ”he says.

“There’s the problem of audience understanding. We also need to publish awareness content. We can’t just rely on conversion content that reduces engagement. Basically, we’re staying in the same place.”

On the other hand, Adnan said that the industry today has very few barriers to entry where anyone with a basic knowledge of Photoshop and keywords can easily set up their own agency. The problem, therefore, is that many clients are wasting time and money on these agencies who lack a deep understanding and knowledge of marketing fundamentals. As a result, these agencies are unable to achieve their clients’ business goals.

“I expect the industry to continue to grow. Those who will be successful will dominate niches like grocery, fashion, e-commerce, and corporate, specializing in certain areas of digital marketing like media buying, copywriting, influencer marketing, etc., as opposed to a jack of all trades you will become Focus on real value and ROI rather than on gadgets and bells and whistles, “Adnan said.

How are you developing as a digital marketer?

“Curiosity,” said Farhat. “It’s important for marketers to stay curious and keep asking questions. Why does the customer think so about the product? Defy the odds and break the conventional if necessary. They don’t always have to act like they always do. Especially in this day and age when the digital marketing ecosystem is changing very quickly. “

Second, marketers need to be driven by numbers. Ultimately, they work for the company and need to keep track of whether or not marketing is driving sales or even views.

Third, you know about pop culture. Creating marketing content that your audience will find relatable can have a huge impact.

Both Farhat and Adnan agree on lifelong learning. Farhat encourages us to keep an eye on the latest changes to tools like Facebook algorithms and Instagram’s latest IGTV.

To strengthen his skills, Adnan follows several online blogs and marketers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Biaheza, and Russell Brunson. He also suggests the books ‘Dot-com Secrets’ and Seth Godin’s ‘This is Marketing’.

“Follow the big international brands like Nike, Starbucks, McDonalds and study what they do and why they are so successful,” Adnan shares his findings.

What career prospects can young digital marketers expect?

According to Adnan, the field of digital marketing offers three different career prospects.

The first is for those who are very interested in customer service and can easily work on different projects at the same time. These people love creative expression. For them it would mean staying and moving up in the industry.

The second is for people who are also creative expressionism but prefer to add value in certain aspects and start a business rather than get a fixed salary.

The third is for people who know how to blend in, like influencers and content creators. In this case, marketing fundamentals and theories are still the same.

While this article is just an introduction to the enormous breadth of digital marketing, we’ve tried to make this as comprehensive as possible for every young person out there who is eager to make a difference in something exciting.