7,000 Bacardi staff spark conversations about cocktails and tradition

7,000 Bacardi employees talk about cocktails and culture

Bacardi returns to the bar and publishes the Bacardi Cocktail Trends Report, which shows what will happen in 2020

7000 Bacardi Employees around the world tuned in on their absence message to go downtown and visit bars in more than 100 cities. All this to find out what's new for cocktails next Thursday.

The "Back to the Bar" campaign brought all of the company's employees together for a day of "bar stool research", with bartenders who are the trend seekers and tasters of the liquor business and who establish a direct connection to consumers. According to Nielsen CGA, 40 percent of bar sales are influenced by bartenders, who are the experts who will help you choose your drink.

As part of the third edition of Back to the Bar, one of the largest privately owned spirits companies is highlighting what excites bartenders with the publication of the Bacardi 2020 Cocktail Trends Report. The report highlights trends based on lessons learned from Bacardi in 2019 with bartenders and bartender ambassadors, as well as research by third parties from the world's leading consumer insights companies.

"Back to the bar tradition is a time when everyone across the company, regardless of their day job, becomes an ambassador and researcher by returning to where our business is done – the local bars and restaurants," said Mahesh Madhavan, CEO of the Bacardi Limited family.

"We are in the relationship business and I never miss an opportunity to speak to a bartender or our consumers to find out what they see and what they think is the next big thing."

When the company celebrated its 158th anniversary last week, Back to the Bar is also a reminder of the company's legacy in terms of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. For seven generations, the family-owned company has been convinced that brands are built in bars and not in boardrooms. All Bacardi employees participate in this approach to data collection and act as influencers by talking about brands with friends, family and consumers.

"At a time when people are flooded with data, there is no substitute for walking on the street and seeing firsthand what is happening at the bar," said Jacob Briars, Bacardi's Global Advocacy Director.

"When the bartenders are excited, we know that it is a matter of time before our guests' attitudes and behavior change."