5 shocking methods your digital advertising customers actually suppose

Lisa Mulcahy

As a digital marketer, you are undoubtedly trying to get into the minds of your consumers as much as you can. Reality Check: You could misinterpret it if just sticking to customer feedback. Taking a deeper look at the general way consumers think online can yield some pretty surprising insights – insights that you can use to increase your bottom line and give your customers what they are really looking for. Use these science-based tips to restart your strategies if your business expands after the pandemic and enjoy more success than ever:

Know that most of your customers don’t automatically trust social media.

With so much talk of misinformation campaigns and counterfeiting on various platforms, it’s easy to assume that large numbers of consumers will join the hype. A study by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development found, however, that the concept of “inciting” people to objective information by highlighting precise content without prohibiting more questionable material could be a true blessing of truth. Your audience is intelligent and demanding – always let them know clearly that you respect their intelligence by filling your texts in your feeds with clear price and product details, without exaggeration or unnecessary frills.

Know that your customers are using their sense of humor online.

A study by Victoria Goodyear at the University of Birmingham found that many teenagers who access information on social media about how to stay healthy do so without risking body image issues – because they use humor and irony to talk about questionable or Absorb negative information with which they read a grain of salt. The insight here: Your audience thinks more critically than you give them credit for. Incorporate ironic humor into your marketing campaigns to give them a wink – they will appreciate it.

Know that “confessional” can be very powerful for consumers.

A study by the University of Gottenburg by Magdalena Petersson McIntyre found that female “housewives: bloggers on digital media” increase their sales by “presenting” personal problems and sharing private struggles in an inauthentic way. Your audience feels empathy and wants to reward those who need to appear – never take this very human and friendly quality to your own advantage.

Know that your customers like what you have to offer.

Your audience won’t bother to differentiate your products, even if online reviews make it appear. If your product is great it will rise to the top – so focus on quality then you don’t have to worry about people discussing your brand’s shortcomings online.

Know that your customers want you to surprise them.

Consistency is the key to quality, yes. But don’t be afraid to tweak your products or even come up with bold reinvention strategies. Consumers love growth, change, and variety – it’s okay to change things and refresh their opinions about you. Don’t be afraid of what’s new – use different strategies and your sales will skyrocket!

About the author

Lisa Mulcahy is an internationally established health writer whose credit includes the Los Angeles Times, the Redbook, Glamor, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Health, Good Housekeeping, Parade, Woman’s Day, Family Circle, and Seventeen. She is the author of eight bestsellers, including The Essentials of Theater, a # 1 Amazon re-release.

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