5 E-mail Advertising and marketing Tendencies to Look ahead to in 2022

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We are approaching the end of 2021, it was a challenging and successful year for the digital marketing industry. Challenging as the pandemic has brought uncharted waters and data protection regulations are evolving. Successful because while real-world marketing was most influenced by people who stayed at home, the digital marketing industry was up to the opportunity. Amid it all, email marketing has continued to drive results as it has remained constant over the past 40+ years. But what can marketers expect from the email channel as they approach 2022?

Here are 5 key trends to expect in the email marketing industry in 2022.

The impact of data protection

Whether it’s new laws and regulations that change the way companies can collect and use data in their marketing programs, or specific technological developments specifically targeting email marketing (like Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Features), Email Marketers To Be Challenged In 2022 The email channel is well positioned to thrive in 2022. Email marketers have many years of experience working in a regulatory framework that requires compliance with certain rules. While changes in the data marketers can use to target audience will make certain aspects of email marketing more difficult, the email channel itself has never been more important to consumers and businesses. So expect email marketers to continue successfully adapting to changing needs and delivering impactful and effective campaigns in 2022.


Even with stricter rules about how consumer data is collected and used, you can expect email marketers to focus even more on segmentation, targeting, and personalization in their campaigns. Email marketers will focus even more on making the most of the data they have at their disposal to create more engaging email content with personalized subject lines, content, airtime, offers and promotions. Rather, expect email marketers to be up to the situation and using their personalization programs to a greater extent than ever before.

A new focus on performance marketing

It seems pretty certain that the Open Rate, a traditional email marketing metric, if not ignored, is at least only used directionally. While this certainly has an impact on email marketers and many types of campaign planning and optimization, it can actually be positive for the industry. For various technical reasons, email open data has always been at least somewhat suspect. Now, email marketers will be forced to stop relying and focus on more accurate and easier-to-track metrics like click-through rates and other measures that are more closely tied to valuable email recipients’ responses. Focusing more on sales and conversions driven by an email campaign will help marketers optimize those more valuable and revenue-generating performance metrics.

Use of artificial intelligence tools

We’ve heard of AI coming for years, but if you don’t look carefully you might be surprised how far it has come. There are now tools that can automatically write or rewrite marketing content using performance data to guide its output. Marketers will be more likely to test AI tools to write email content, subject lines, and calls-to-action, and they will find that these tools can now improve performance in many cases. The AI ​​may not be ready to create everything from scratch, but it is now more than ready to optimize and dial in content as effectively (and probably more effectively) as marketers can manually do.


Expect email campaigns that take advantage of a lot of engaging interactivity within the content. Look for polls / polls, games, forms, and other types of content that recipients can interact with in the email itself rather than clicking on a website. Adding this type of interactive element is extremely easy to use and also reduces the number of steps required to cause any number of actions by the recipients. With the increased focus on performance, interactivity provides tools to optimize campaigns to maximize recipient engagement and conversions.

Get ready for another exciting year in the email marketing channel, which further solidifies its place as the central communication and marketing channel for companies from virtually all industries.

Author: Tom Wozniak

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