World Branding Awards – Animalis Version

World Branding Awards trophy, Animalis edition.  Brand event 2021.

Today, 150 brands were named “Brand of the Year” at the prestigious World Branding Awards, a worldwide award for brand recognition. The event was the first virtual ceremony in the history of the awards.

The brands have been nominated by over 115,000 consumers from six continents for the Animalis special edition, which focuses on recognizing the best pet and animal brands from around the world.

Every two years, the World Branding Awards hosts an event to honor the world’s animal and pet industries. This year’s event was different from previous editions. Due to the global pandemic, the World Branding Awards were held online. If you’ve attended any of the award events in the past, you’ll understand that this was far more than just a change of scenery.

The event was hosted by World Branding Forum Chairman Richard Rowles. He conducted interviews with several award winners and congratulated all participants.

“The Animalis Edition of the Awards honors the best brands in the animal and pet industry around the world and recognizes those who have stayed in consumer awareness. Given the challenges the global pandemic has posed for businesses, this is an amazing achievement to say the least. ”Announced Richard Rowles, Chair of the World Branding Forum.

A positive change took place for the World Branding Awards, Animalis Edition 2021. Although the experience was virtual, it allowed brands to hear each other’s stories. We take a closer look at each winner and what it means for them to be nominated for Brand of the Year.

Each brand went into great detail about who they are and what they stand for. It was a delightful way to add humanity to the award. Each brand had already proven itself with its customers. This was an opportunity for them to show other brands why they deserve to win.

The established media veterinarian Joe Inglis and the entrepreneur Lara Morgan attended the award ceremony. Both gave keynote speeches to the guests of the event.

Well-known media vet and brand owner Joe Inglis shares with the Animalis winners what he learned during his trip as a pet brand.

They shared their experiences in the industry, discussed their knowledge and progress, as well as mistakes and falls. Inglis said: “Pet owners are not your typical consumer”. “Authenticity and trust are very important values,” he continued.

Danny Pek, Chief Executive of the Forum, said, “The Animalis Edition of the Awards is very competitive. Brands that win show that they have set the standard for what is expected of other pet and animal brands to be at the top of their game. “

More information and the full list of winners can be found here.