Winners revealed for small enterprise grants scheme

The winners of the small business grant program have been announced

Business & IP Center Northamptonshire (BIPC) has selected the winners of a grant program designed to support start-ups and small businesses.

After more than 150 applications, the team at the Business & IP Center Northamptonshire shortlisted 34 entrepreneurs who were invited to give a presentation about their new start-up to a jury in an elevator parking lot.

The Small Business Grants Panel consisted of the Northamptonshire BIPC team and representatives from Building Business Consultancy and the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce. After several days of presentations, the shortlist was narrowed down to 19 winners.

The winners include Attain Coaching, Career Catapult, Form Five Group, Goldings Communications Ltd., Jolibi, Kirsch Home, Virtual Assistant Services from Knight Shift, Lacerta Design, Made for Belle & Friends, Coaching of Personal Strengths, Pieces Academy, Saints Coffee, Simply Ngo Ltd. , Sounding Sticks, The Boxed Bakery, Topstitch UK, Wildflowers and YooKanToo.

Companies receive a £ 1,500 grant each for business expenses, a one-year free membership to the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, ongoing free business support from the BIPC Northamptonshire team and promotional profiles.

The scheme is an additional part of the BIPC reset in Northamptonshire. Reboot program, part of a national program of workshops and dedicated support for SMEs set up under the auspices of the British Library during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Isabel Oswell, British Library Business Audience Leader, said, “At the British Library we are proud to partner with a growing network of public libraries across the country to ensure that anyone with an idea can step into their local library Take the first steps to start and grow a successful business.

“It is wonderful to see our partners at Northamptonshire Libraries adjust our national reset. Restart the program through the Small Business Grants for your local small business community.

“We congratulate the 19 winners and look forward to them thriving and developing their businesses with the help of this great initiative.”