Why must you use a chatbot in your cellular advertising technique?

Why should you use a chatbot in your mobile marketing strategy?

Soti Vayena, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Waymore, a division of AMD Telecom, examines the role chatbots can play in an effective mobile strategy.

Nowadays consumers come first, with the number of cellphone users far higher than that of laptop and PC users.

This advancement has radically changed the way consumers communicate, replacing traditional interactions with online messaging. Undoubtedly, companies have been forced to adapt to a new way of communicating to enable a seamless buyer journey and a great experience. They need to be available across channels and devices to always be available to resolve customer inquiries and queries. This is not always easy due to human limitations. And this is exactly where chatbots come into play.

A great tool in conversation marketing, chatbots are used for conversing with human users and can be found anywhere from smartphone apps for personal use to the company’s corporate website.

Chatbots are optimized for mobile devices and offer a high level of user interaction. And users seem to have developed a huge preference for them, which signals that they are here to stay!

  • 56 percent of people who would rather send a message than call customer service and get an estimate
  • 85 percent of customer interactions have to be handled without people in just a few years
  • At least 30 percent of consumers are enthusiastic about chatbots

WayMore helps companies optimize their marketing campaigns through intelligent products like chatbots that improve customer experience, increase customer loyalty, promote scalability and strengthen your brand.

The statistics above confirm that chatbots are a popular technology and are rightly called the future of marketing. It’s time to incorporate them into your mobile marketing strategy.

Benefits of integrating chatbots into your mobile marketing strategy
The chatbot market is projected to grow to $ 1.3 billion (£ 920 million) by 2024. If you haven’t already integrated a chatbot into your mobile marketing strategy, now is the time to do it. In the next few minutes we’ll discuss why every business needs them in 2021.

Increased customer satisfaction with instant responses
Customers want answers, and most of the time they want them NOW. It is, after all, common in the age of instant gratification.

As a marketer, your primary goal is to make sure that your customers are satisfied. You should make sure they feel cared for and valued throughout the sales cycle. Chatbots can manage customer inquiries instantly and accurately. In addition, customer demand has increased. By incorporating them into your strategy, you ensure that customers get the instant support they want, resulting in increased satisfaction levels.

Availability around the clock, lower costs
The majority of customers expect a company to be available 24/7. Traditional customer service teams work eight hours. To run a support system around the clock, you need three teams working in different shifts. Adding the resources needed to support customers 24/7 can prove far too costly for many businesses. This is where chatbots excel in avoiding these costs.

Because chatbots can answer any query or command instantly, your business can stay up to date on customer issues day and night without spending too much on customer support.

Better problem solving, more scalability
As mentioned earlier, people have a certain limitation when it comes to handling multiple things at the same time. When we do more than three to four tasks, we often make mistakes. Chatbots, on the other hand, won’t. You can edit hundreds of queries at the same time without errors.

Chatbots can have conversations with almost an unlimited number of people at the same time and offer a robust solution for handling customer inquiries. For a company that has to process many customer calls with similar problems or orders, chatbots are the ideal solution.

Chatbots can be configured to understand what customers are asking and answer them intelligently. Automation allows you to serve more customers than before, scale your business, and at the same time ensure your customers’ convenience.

Understand customer data
Big data is talked about a lot in the marketing world. By communicating with customers, chatbots can help you collect a large amount of valuable customer data. With the help of AI, chatbots can learn from previous interactions and react faster and more effectively to the data collected. You can predict intentions, make recommendations, and provide responses to engage existing customers with brands and products, and drive conversions.

In addition, they provide customers with complete product details and suggest relevant content if required. In fact, research has shown that consumers are interested in receiving chatbot recommendations and advice this way.

Personalize Marketing
Customers demand personalized experiences. And chatbots are great marketing tools for personalization. By generating highly customized messages that support customers on their travels, chatbots can increase conversion rates in unprecedented ways.

Using AI, chatbots can provide media or product recommendations, personalize the channels consumers want to be contacted through and the time they receive a message. AI adapts to the feedback and personalizes communication and content accordingly.

Effectively manage lead generation
As more and more people chat with your messaging bot, artificial intelligence can make smart decisions and automatically provide dynamic communication to all users.

Chatbots allow you to target your prospects with personalized messages throughout their journey. Chatbots can qualify leads and guide them smoothly through the buyer’s journey. By asking them some relevant questions, you can nurture them and based on their answers offer tailored solutions, showcase your products to train them, and ultimately inspire them to buy. This way leads are more likely to feel valued than irritated.

Design a chatbot for your company
With that said, now is the time to choose software to build your chatbot and integrate it into your mobile marketing strategy. You can choose between a simple predefined chatbot or an intelligent chatbot. With WayMore’s innovative chatbot solutions, you can help your company gain a strong competitive advantage to stay one step ahead of your competition and differentiate your brand. Our solutions offer numerous benefits to both end users and businesses. On the one hand, they build and monetize a valuable audience, on the other hand, end users enjoy a high quality customer experience.

Regardless of the size of your company or your industry, WayMore offers sophisticated and effective options to all companies that want to offer their existing customers optimized customer communication immediately. So take advantage of chatbot innovation technology with its powerful functions, offer your audience a personalized experience and involve your users before, during and after critical decision-making points. Are you ready to create your chatbot? Contact us today for a demo!