Why eLearning Is the Good Resolution for Compliance Coaching

Why eLearning Is the Perfect Solution for Compliance Training

Compliance training is a necessity for many companies. There are often strict rules on how often these courses have to be taken and who has to participate. Failure to properly manage compliance training can have serious consequences.

The old way of carrying out training is often not ideal for compliance courses. The coordination of an in-person trainer, the organization of the event location, the costs for visiting the employees on site and the required seating time are very complex. However, by using an eLearning platform to offer compliance training, you can avoid many of these frustrations. If you're wondering why eLearning is the perfect solution for compliance training, here's what you should know.

eLearning is immersive

Learning in the classroom is a passive experience. Learners sit back and listen to teachers most of the time. The trainee is only involved if he has a question or if the trainer accidentally asks for an input.

With eLearning, the experience is much more intense. You can include branching scenarios, incorporate quizzes, present interactive scenarios, include sound effects and much more. You can imitate real situations and thus increase the value created by the training.

If an employee makes a mistake, there is no penalty. You can review the scenario of the module and learn from the misstep, which increases the likelihood that it will no longer occur later in the real world.

eLearning is committed

Sitting in a classroom for a day, two, or more is tough. Concentrating on what the trainer says becomes more difficult as you train, and you can almost guarantee that every learner accidentally misses at least one critical point.

Engagement is part of the equation in eLearning. The interactive nature of the coursework makes it easier to focus on what is being taught.

In addition, you can split the entire experience of compliance training into a series of micro-learning lessons. Participants can hop on, do one or two sections, and then take a break. Since you only ask them to concentrate for five to ten minutes at a time, this can usually do even the busiest professional.

eLearning Promotes productivity

Coordinating that a group of employees attend a training seminar at the same time is a challenge. In addition, you are understaffed for the entire duration, which has a negative impact on overall productivity.

With eLearning, you don't have to make sure a team is gone at the same time. It can be woven into even the busiest schedules and does not require anyone to deviate from the construction site. As a result, productivity can remain higher than if everyone attended a seminar.

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