Wealthy Media That Is Pushing the Coaching Boundaries

Rich Media That Is Pushing the Training Boundaries

When it comes to explaining how a tool or item works
In practice, conventional eLearning methods are often missing.
Fortunately, these shortcomings are being addressed thanks to emerging rich media
Approaches that use high-resolution photography to add a new dimension to the image
Experience. The interactive multimedia training modules also work
wonders when it comes to improving understanding of a concept and improving customer loyalty.

While this Rich media techniques are often considered cutting-edge, they are becoming increasingly available. Here's what you need to know about that learning technology and how it crosses training limits.

The advantages of high-resolution learning technology

Higher-resolution images in image-based learning offer trainees numerous advantages. Employees can easily zoom into different areas of the photo and view different objects effortlessly and with greater visual clarity so that they can easily explore the depicted environment.

By allowing you to view the various elements in an environment
Sure, the learner can better understand how each piece fits into the bigger one
whole. This provides context for what they see and makes it clear how
Each object plays a role in the overall concept.

The information also relates to broader work experience is an integral part of this approach to learning technology. Individual elements do not differ from the overall picture, as is the case with some other forms of training. This gives the employee a better overview of the relationships between the elements, which results in a more efficient learning experience.

This rich media approach to training can be used in a
Variety of areas including manufacturing, customer care, healthcare,
Product repair and many others.

The addition of hotspots

High-Res eLearning offers more than just the big thing
Image. Critical elements in the image can be highlighted when you move the cursor
crosses it. Then the learner can dive deeper with a simple click
the particular element.

When you click on the hotspots, an information pop-up opens with this information
can show a detailed picture of the article, informative websites, additional
text-based details on its use or function, as well as tests. It can also be
Linked to videos, infographics, or anything else that may deliver value. This
makes the learning experience more comprehensive and provides important information
are easily accessible within the main training module.

You can also monitor by tracking usage of the hotspots
Total commitment. Not only can you see which items are checked most often
often, but also how many are researched by each learner.

Ultimately, high-resolution learning technology is an exciting task
Training approach that makes the information easily accessible during deployment
critical context throughout the experience.

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