Vocation Brewery rising quickly | World Branding Discussion board

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The independent craft brewer Vocation has grown remarkably since the brands launched in 2015. The brand develops into one of the largest volume craft breweries in Great Britain. According to the brewery’s founder, John Hickline, the brand’s goal is to “bring better beer to more people”.

The brand and its branding

Vocation’s first branding was developed by Robot Food, the agency that also coined the brand name. Vocation continues to pursue his calling under the creative direction of the Leeds-based team. “I’ve always seen Robot Food as our 5th Beatle,” says the founder. “Bringing better beer to more people is our calling and from the start I relied on them to tell our story and manage our presentation. We are real partners and we look forward to having them with us while Vocation continues to represent his calling. “

With the task of creating a new visual identity for the brand, Robot Food’s work for Vocation respects the key role the brewery has played in promoting the craft category since it was founded six years ago. It underscores the dedicated and passionate spirit of his team and his drinkers, while his distinctive branding created by the agency allows him to feel at home in craft stores, bars and supermarkets.

More about the brew

Profession seems to have everything. The brewery sells a range of real ales, IPS, lagers, and more. The cans do not harmonize with others on the shelf, they attract attention and shout “DRINK ME”. With an artistic value like many others, the brand not only focuses on drinks, but also on merchandise. With a creative and artistic vision, why not take advantage of your design? You can drink and wear this brand and you will want it when you see their magnetic designs.

Vocation’s steady growth reflects the hard work and dedication of the Vocation team to make this drink more than just another drink on the shelf. With a confident, ambitious and authoritative voice, Vocation manages to express the uncompromising quality of its bold flavors without shouting out loud. The new branding picks up on the essence of the brand and toasts the brewery team, who with passion and talent help ensure that Vocation continues to develop and grow.