Vivian So Launches Thrive to Shift Advertising To Provide One-On-One Teaching Providers On Digital Advertising

Online marketing expert Vivian So announces the launch of Thrive to Shift Marketing and offers coaching services for clients interested in embracing the story and the person they are

Thrive to Shift Marketing was founded by Vivian So to help as many people as possible use digital marketing to market their products and services. In a related development, the company recently launched its one-on-one coaching for brands ready to use digital tools to tell their story to the world.

Millions of business owners in different parts of the world are still struggling to win their customers’ trust despite investing heavily in promoting their brand. Several resources have been developed over the years to help people tell their stories. Unfortunately, many of these solutions have not given special attention to business concerns. Vivian So, however, embodies the process and shares her experiences to help brands tell their compelling stories on the internet with the introduction of Thrive to Shift Marketing.

Vivian wants to share how her story has helped her reposition her digital marketing business and help others find better ways to market their products and services. Vivian has mastered the art of transforming long-forgotten stories into a marketing tool, as the successes to date show. Thrive to Shift Marketing aims to help those who never thought their stories were important or those whose stories have been silenced to help tell their stories in a safe environment.

Individual coaching is ideal for all categories of companies and entrepreneurs. In a similar development, Thrive to Shift Marketing is now also accepting early bird registrations for their Becoming Visible 5 Saturdays Challenge. The company is also working on the launch of a podcasting show called “Be the Messenger. Your message is important. “

Vivian So is the author of “Life Stories of a Woman of Courage”, a new self-help book that records the real experiences of women who have crossed boundaries in all areas of life.

For more information on Thrive to Shift Marketing and other Vivian So initiatives, please visit – Vivian So is also a podcast presenter, where she interviews coaches, speakers and consultants. It’s also available on Calendly for people who want to book a free counseling session.

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