VHS Impact Photoshop Template for Entry All Areas Members

Creative Supplies Co.

Access to All Areas Members have a useful downloadable effect this week thanks to Creative Supplies Co. This Photoshop template instantly adds distorted VHS effects to your images to give them the look of an analog video tape from the 80s and early 90s. This comprehensive Smart PSD is packed with 4 main VHS effects and 10 VHS overlays, so you can fully adjust the amount of noise, grain, and distortion applied to your photos or graphics.

Creative Supplies Co. has set itself the goal of developing textures, palettes, promotions and templates that designers can use to save time and increase their creativity. The Creative Supplies Co. store has a variety of useful tools, especially ones that create old-school retro effects. With the code you get a 20% discount on all purchases SPOON GRAPHICS, or check out the many freebies that you can enjoy for free.

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VHS effect Photoshop template

With this Photoshop template, you can give your images a realistic VHS tape look with just a few clicks. Choose from the portrait or landscape documents that best match the orientation of your image, and then double-click the Smart Object layer to insert your photo or graphic. The overall effect can then be customized by selecting different textures and overlays from the array of clearly laid out layers.

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