Vevo Creates Device To Help Black Artists

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Music publishing platform Vevo has launched a number of tools that enable brands to deliver on their promises of diversity, but says it takes more work to turn words into action.

According to Vevo, brands have often struggled to find a solution beyond performative promises to create long-term allies. James Cornish, Vevo’s vice president of international sales, told The Drum, “We need better solutions and investments to support the contribution of black artists to the music industry.”

Following the assassination of George Floyd, the advertising industry made a number of promises, including an open letter from UK advertising agencies coordinated by Creative Equals and the 12-step Call for Change plan signed by 6,000 black advertising professionals.

Cornish said the pledges demonstrated a “willingness” to change and invest in black artists, but that the industry is only “scratching the surface of how to bring this into play”.

“It’s really important that these efforts translate into real action and meaningful and lasting change,” he said. Based on the demands of advertisers to “think more clearly and consciously” their diversity strategy, Vevo created Afro Pulse, which creates inventory sets for black artists.

The tool enables advertisers to invest in black musicians and gives advertisers access to a diverse audience. Rather than targeting just well-known artist names or a specific genre, brands can advertise within music video programs that feature black artists of different musical styles and popularity.

“We hope Vevo’s products can inspire brands to support their public statements,” said Cornish. “This is the first foray into this market, we are actively looking for additional products for different target groups. There is still a lot to be done to create more opportunities in this area. “

He said that progress was also needed in terms of measurement and how it relates to advertising spend. “This is the starting point for a wider range of products,” he said.

The next step for Vevo is to add other different properties to the products. Latin American artists are one such demographic that Vevo wants to focus on.

Overall, Vevo is starting to make a positive change in the industry, ensuring that the future of music is flooded with people of all races and backgrounds. Creating a safe and positive environment for all artists.