United Airways companions Clorox within the United CleanPlus initiative

United Airlines is a Clorox partner in the United CleanPlus initiative

United Airlines is working with Clorox and Cleveland Clinic to achieve a new standard for cleanliness and safety

United Airlines introduces United CleanPlus: the company's commitment to putting health and safety at the forefront of the overall customer experience, with the goal of delivering an industry-leading standard for cleanliness.

United CleanPlus unites a trustworthy brand for surface disinfection – Clorox – and the best medical experts in the country – the Cleveland Clinic – inform and guide United's new cleaning, security and social detachment protocols, contactless kiosks at select locations for luggage check-in, sneeze protection, mandatory facewear for crew and customers, and more giving include customer options when the flights are fuller.

In particular, Clorox products are used at United hub airports, and Cleveland Clinic medical experts are advised on new technologies, training development, and quality assurance programs.

By working with world-renowned leaders in surface disinfection and health such as Clorox and Cleveland Clinic, United customers can travel more safely if they know the airline's logs have been informed by trusted experts.

"Security has always been our top priority, and right now, in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, this is our unique customer focus," said Scott Kirby, CEO of United, in a video message to customers. "We are aware that COVID-19 has brought cleanliness and hygiene standards to the customer's mind when making travel decisions, and we do not leave anything behind to better protect our customers and employees."

Clorox is working closely with United to improve the airline's cleaning program, redefine disinfection procedures and provide customers in select locations with amenities that help create a healthier and safer environment throughout their journey. Clorox products will initially be launched at United's hub airports in Chicago and Denver and will be used in the gate and terminal areas. More locations will follow.

"We are proud that Clorox will play a role at United CleanPlus to improve people's safety while traveling," said Benno Dorer, chairman and CEO of The Clorox Company. “If possible, connecting the world more securely is an important part of our recovery as a society. Together we help people when they travel for work or pleasure. We look forward to working with United to explore other ways that customers can stay healthy during their travel experience. "

United CleanPlus' commitment goes far beyond disinfection. United has consulted with Cleveland Clinic experts to provide guidance on the airline's policies and procedures – from mandatory facewear to non-contact kiosks at selected locations for checking in luggage to social distance – and to ensure that they meet industry standards or surpass them.

Medical experts from the Cleveland Clinic also advise you on new technologies, training development and programming of quality assurance. And as scientists learn more about fighting COVID-19, Cleveland Clinic United experts will help leverage these discoveries to quickly find new ways to help keep customers safe.

"While the public is getting used to a world that has been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety are of paramount importance," said Tomislav Mihaljevic, M.D., CEO and President of the Cleveland Clinic. “We are proud to be part of this program and to share the knowledge we have gained as we have worked to contain and understand COVID-19 over the past few months. It is important that everyone take precautions when we enter this new phase of the COVID-19 response. The Cleveland Clinic is pleased to play a role in helping people travel safely. "

United CleanPlus' commitment to customers takes place in various ways throughout the journey through the United network. To date, United has implemented more than a dozen new policies and procedures that are aligned with United CleanPlus and are focused on health and safety.

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