UGG launches Higher Along with dad or mum firm Decker Manufacturers

UGG starts Better Together with the parent company Decker Brands

Ugg and Deckers Brands promise $ 1 million / £ 805,330.00 for Covid 19 pandemic relief efforts

Global lifestyle brand based in Southern California UGGwith the parent company Deckers Brandswill launch the Better Together initiative to donate over a million dollars / £ 805,330.00 to the COVID-19 pandemic relief through cash and product donations.

Building on the company's existing philanthropic platform, the COVID-19 response focuses on several initiatives and aims to bring the much needed comfort and comfort in this unprecedented time.

“Our hearts are with our friends, colleagues, customers and those who are at the forefront during this pandemic. The newly launched Better Together initiative aims to provide help, support and comfort to those most in need. We're there together, ”said Dave Powers, President & CEO of Deckers Brands.

Given the crisis in New York, the brand's passionate consumer base and home to four UGG retail stores, the brand has committed to donating money NYC Health + hospitals, the largest public health system in the country that cares for everyone regardless of solvency or immigration status.

In this COVID-19 crisis, their committed, compassionate and courageous employees with more than 42,000 employees are at the forefront and take care of New Yorkers in emergency rooms, intensive care units, community health centers and nursing homes.

In addition, UGG has initiated partnerships with selected hotels that have opened their rooms for first aiders and medical staff at the front. When these brave healthcare workers return to their rooms after a busy day, they are now greeted with soothing UGG products like luxurious slippers and soft robes.

In this new normal we are surrounded by extraordinary acts of kindness, love and support for those who need it most. To recognize and thank these real superheroes, UGG is launching one Instagram Returns on April 10th. For a month, the brand gives these people 500 pairs of slippers every week to highlight their stories and offer a small dose of comfort in these uncertain times.

With a view to the local community, Deckers Brands has the Santa Barbara Better Together Fund at Santa Barbara Foundation and promised to support where Deckers and UGG have had their headquarters for over 47 years. The fund also encourages other community leaders to contribute to small businesses and deliver vital goods during this time.

Deckers Brands has also partnered Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara, one of the oldest nonprofit clinics and one of the largest healthcare providers on the southern and central coast of California. Deckers is committed to providing a pair of UGG and Hoka products to 145 healthcare workers who are at the forefront of Sansum's COVID-19 response.

Deckers Brands and UGG are united with the world in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. The company will continue to monitor new virus-related developments and focus on the safety, health and well-being of all through the Better Together initiative.

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