Tupperware joins the Nationwide Park Basis initiative

Tupperware joins the National Park Foundation initiative

Tupperware and the National Park Foundation initiative support the National Park Service's goal of integrating sustainability practices into park operations

Tupperware Brands Charitable Foundation, the non-profit branch of Tupperware brandsannounced a US $ 1 million / £ 769,000 donation to the National Park Foundation to further support efforts to divert and reduce waste in US national parks. That commitment will fuel efforts to help visitors before they leave – and use reusable, functional products that can aid in a waste-free adventure.

A focus on responsible recreation and conscious tourism is becoming increasingly important as national parks welcome more than 300 million visitors annually. At this visit level, the National Park Service manages nearly 70 million pounds of waste nationwide. In accordance with the Green Parks Plan, waste reduction and diversion to support operating and maintenance cost savings are a priority for the National Park Service.

As a lead partner in the National Park Foundation's Resilience & Sustainability Initiative, Tupperware will support efforts to keep parks green and improve environmental stewardship, with an emphasis on reusable products.

The partnership will strengthen the joint commitment of Tupperware, the National Park Foundation, and the National Park Service to educate visitors to the more than 400 parks and programs, provide solutions, and raise awareness of waste reduction and diversion efforts and best practices within the national park system .

“We know that litter is a growing problem in parks across the country and continues to grow as more and more visitors travel to the area and explore the inspiration that these iconic places have to offer. Our partnership will focus on reducing waste by educating the public about the benefits of using reusable solutions, ”said Miguel Fernandez, Chief Executive Officer of Tupperware Brands.

“Tupperware has been synonymous with minimizing waste since 1946, before starting with high quality, environmentally friendly reusable products. In anticipation of our 75th anniversary in 2021, we are reflecting our heritage – a brand committed to a better future for people, communities and the environment. We take great pride in bringing our cause to life with the National Park Foundation, and look forward to the efforts our brand and organization can bring to convince us that we are all – park goers, inspiration seekers, nature lovers, and nature stewards – should choose to do good every day. "

Tupperware will bring its partnership with the National Park Foundation to life through a dedicated focus on preventing waste. This will take shape through the development of innovative product use and promotion, the creation of educational resources and awareness-raising activities on the use of reusable and environmentally friendly products and packaging, as well as programmatic support to improve waste management and recycling infrastructure for the benefit of the parks and visitor experiences.

"Together we are investing in the future of national parks and helping these breathtaking and meaningful places to thrive for generations," said Will Shafroth, President and CEO of the National Park Foundation. "We thank the Tupperware Brands Charitable Foundation for their tremendous support in reducing waste that makes our parks more resilient and sustainable for the benefit of all of us."

Additionally, as part of its commitment to support the National Park Foundation, Tupperware will donate 50% of the retail price for small, medium, and large eco water bottles to the National Park Foundation on #GivingTuesday, December 1st.