Trending Social Platforms in 2020: Which Ones are Value Your Time?

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We have all heard it before.

“(INSERT APP NAME HERE) is the only place you are right now! If you don't use this app, don't even try to market your business! "

If this advice causes you to slowly withdraw and act as if you have never heard it before, so you don't feel guilty if you don't do it, we are with you.

We love marketing (hi, we're digital marketers), but we also love to be realistic.

Does EVERY business have to be on EVERY platform?


Your company must be on the platforms that your customers like to use. That means that if you've noticed that your bamboo basket hobbyist audience doesn't seem to be talking about hours at TikTok. You are probably fine to skip this app. On the other hand, your creative audience may like to watch Instagram time-lapse videos from someone who weaves baskets on IGTV. You have found your golden ticket.

We're not entirely sure whether weaving bamboo baskets is really a thing (don't hesitate to let us know), but we do know that the thought that you have to be everywhere is a bad idea.

You have to be where it makes most sense to see your products.

Here are some of the hottest social media platforms along with statistics that show whether your audience is inclined to use them.

(Quick note: We only include statistics from 2018 or 2019 in this article to ensure that they are up to date. The statistics available for each platform vary.)


If you've ever posted an Instagram story, you know exactly how to use Snapchat. In Snapchat, Facebook (the parent company of Instagram) came up with the idea of ​​persuading its users to publish Instagram stories that were deleted after 24 hours.

If Snapchat differs from Instagram, it is much more difficult to follow a brand or influencer by discovering them on the platform. With that in mind, you can definitely pay Snapchat to show your users your product while browsing through the snapchats of the people they follow (skippable ads) or watching shows (these ads cannot be skipped).

About Snapchat users:

Number of users: 203 million


  • 83 million Snapchat users in North America (41% of their users)
  • 64 million Snapchat users in Europe (32% of their users)


  • 73% of 18 to 24 year olds use Snapchat
  • 47% of 25 to 29 year olds use Snapchat
  • 25% of 30 to 49 year olds use Snapchat


  • 61% of Snapchat users are female
  • 38% of Snapchat users are male

Saturday Night Live, People Magazine and National Geographic have adapted their content for Snapchat. While Snapchat has a reputation for being only popular among teenagers, the statistics tell a different story. Young adults certainly use the app, but so do people in their late 20s and 40s.

Tick ​​tack

If you remember hearing about and then wondering where it went, there's a reason. In 2017 was taken over by the company that owns TikTok (Bytedance). They have put and the current version (called Douyin) together into a social media love child – TikTok. TikTok is available in 154 countries and still bears the original name Douyin in China.

About TikTok users:

Number of TikTok users: 500 million monthly users


Household income:

While TikTok, like Snapchat, is more popular with Generation Z, there is still a lever for advertising on the platform for unexpected populations like young mothers. Well-known brands that advertise on TikTok include: Nike, Fenty Beauty and Apple Music.


Do you remember how Facebook took up the idea of ​​short videos that disappeared from Snapchat in 24 hours? Well, it looks like they have the same game on TikTok. In 2018, Facebook launched Lasso, which is quite similar to TikTok. In this case, if you've used TikTok or watched TikTok videos, you'll understand how to use Lasso.

About Lasso users:

The only difference between TikTok and Lasso is currently the size of the audience. We haven't had a lot of demographic statistics for you since Lasso was last launched, except that 70,000 users are registered in the United States.

What we can give you is a guide. If you've looked at the TikTok stats above and thought, "Yes, that's my target audience!", It's a safe bet to start creating content on Lasso as well. The key is creating content that engages audiences and drives results.

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Reddit could be called the grandfather / grandmother of the social media era. Reddit was founded in 2005 and, despite the takeover of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, remains one of the ten most used social platforms. The platform is divided into subreddits, in which users can post, rate and comment. At this point, and with so many users, there is pretty much everything you can think of (e.g. r / marketing, r / accidentalrenaissance and r / BreadStapledToTrees).

About Reddit users:

Number of users: 330 million active users


  • 38% of Reddit desktop traffic was from the United States
  • 7.22% of Reddit desktop traffic came from the UK
  • 5.69% of Reddit desktop traffic came from Canada
  • 3.19% of the Reddit desktop traffic came from Germany
  • 3.08% of Reddit desktop traffic came from Australia


  • 22% of US 18 to 29 year olds use Reddit
  • 14% of US 30-49 year olds use Reddit
  • 6% of US 50-64 year olds use Reddit
  • 1% of US adults over 65 use Reddit

The key to Reddit is understanding the moderator rules. While you can pay for advertising on the platform, you can also advertise your company for free with valuable content. Moderators in every subreddit ensure that you don't have a sales pitch. However, as long as you value and handle your CTA discreetly, you can get away with free advertising for your specific audience niche (like people who have to buy staples so they can stick bread to trees …).


In addition to Reddit, Tumblr has also been around for some time. The photo platform founded in 2007 has probably given priority to Instagram. The concept is similar – post photos and short videos (gifs are very popular on this platform) and get followers.

Tumblr has certainly seen a drop in traffic since Instagram dominated the room, but there is definitely still an audience that has remained loyal to Tumblr.

About Tumblr users:

Number of users: 381 million unique visitors


  • 34.95% of desktop traffic comes from the United States
  • 5.66% of desktop traffic comes from the UK
  • 3.43% of desktop traffic comes from Brazil
  • 4.21% of desktop traffic comes from Canada
  • 3.6% of desktop traffic comes from Germany

Just like with Snapchat, TikTok, Lasso and Reddit, the best way to determine if this platform is useful for your marketing strategy is to check that your customers are represented there.

Statistics like the ones above are great for figuring out the potential of these platforms, but it is even better to ask your potential customers / current customers where they are spending their time. In this case, you can create an editorial calendar that contains the desired content and the desired positions.

Let us remember: Every company does Not must be on every platform.

They just need to be on the platforms that matter to their customers.

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