TikTok launches a problem to assist younger individuals in lockdown

TikTok is launching a challenge to help young people block

TikTok is a partner of Partnership for Young London on their latest # WhatMattersMost challenge to better understand and give a voice to young people's experiences during the ban

For many young people, the global pandemic has created a challenging present and a less secure future. Young people need support more than ever, but the rules for social distancing and blocking make it difficult to inquire about how they feel, what worries them, and what support they may need. In order to, Tick ​​tack launched the # WhatMattersMost challenge to help block young people.

TikTok is helping a youth charity run a listening project with young people ages 14 to 24 to better understand their lockdown experience and give them a voice. While no group of young people can speak for everyone, some key issues have emerged. These are covered in more detail in the company's project partner's report, but include: the challenge of dealing with uncertainty, fear of going outside, negative effects on mental health, and how they feel digitally connected with friends and family.

TikTok was overwhelmed by the youth's commitment to support each other, their families, and their larger communities, even though they faced their own challenges. The company is very grateful for their participation and hopes that this project will help bring their thoughts, concerns and solutions into discussions on how best to meet their needs.

One of the insights that impressed the social media company was that young people want to use lockdown as a moment of self-reflection about what's really important to them. However, this is easier for some than others. For those who are struggling, this can cause additional concerns.

In response to this finding, TikTok, together with its project partners, developed the # WhatMattersMost challenge, with which people can easily work out a brief moment of self-reflection. It is the company's small contribution in response to the report, hoping that others will hear the voices of young people and be inspired similarly.

The social networking company has been so impressed with the community's contributions to the challenge so far and can't wait to see how young and wonderful people at TikTok will continue to use their creativity to deal with these difficult times.

This is just one of the ways TikTok supported the community during the ban. Others are #HouseofTikTok, a series of entertaining and educational live programs and challenges aimed at keeping the community happy, healthy, and entertaining at home.

TikTok supported Partnership for young London and Healthy London partnership Good thinking Service to conduct a bi-weekly listening project with young people aged 14 to 24 in and around London to better understand their experience with Covid-19. Young people are part of the Digital Health Ambassador program, launched jointly by Healthy London Partnership and Partnership for Young London.

Ambassadors are invited to answer a questionnaire developed by PYL and HLP, which was developed using the ACT model (acceptance and attachment therapy) to promote mindful, guided self-reflection. The project team includes Dr. Richard Graham, a counseling psychiatrist who specializes in child development and digital wellbeing.

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