TikTok helps UK Well being Heroes throughout Covid-19

TikTok supports the British #HealthHeroes during Covid-19

TikTok announces a specific engagement in the UK that will help heroic healthcare workers

When the fourth week of closure in the UK comes to an end and the scale and effects of the coronavirus increase, Tick ​​tack, a social networking company, has announced it will help reduce the burden on some communities in the heart of the TikTok platform affected by the pandemic.

Worldwide, TikTok has pledged $ 250 million / £ 202 million to help those affected by the global crisis. However, Tiktok has announced a specific engagement in the UK that will help heroic healthcare workers. These are the people who work around the clock in hospitals in incredibly difficult circumstances to save lives, but also those who have noticed the social network that they use TikTok to let off steam and enjoy some relief during their breaks .

TikTok videos to celebrate NHS and healthcare workers have garnered 330 million views last month, an increase of 5000% from four weeks ago. Their entertaining and inspiring content has given so much joy, while their commitment to their work has been both humiliating and inspiring, which is why TikTok wants to help.

TikTok's Global Health Heroes Relief Fund was created to help the heroes of this global battle.

With this fund, TikTok in the UK is donating GBP 5 million to the COVID-19 Healthcare Support Appeal set up by the RCN Foundation. The donation will provide emergency funding to thousands of frontline healthcare workers – including nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, paramedics, cleaners and porters – who need immediate practical financial and psychological support during and after the coronavirus emergency.

With millions of people across the UK feeling more distant than ever because of social distance, many people have turned to TikTok to experience moments of easy relief and connect in the face of such a struggle.

Whether it's families who connect through the # BlindingLightsChallenge dance, TikTokkers who look out for each other in the #NeighbourhoodWatch challenge, or even learn how to #WorkOutFromHome – TikTok companies were amazed at how TikTok users looked at have adapted the challenges of life with limited energy, positivity and creativity.

The social networking company is proud of how the TikTok community came together to support each other during this difficult time. From a big thank you to all healthcare workers to the #ThankyouNHS challenge to incredible support for key workers, including delivery drivers, garbage collectors and supermarket staff at TikTok's weekly #ClapForOurCarers challenge.

So far, over 200,000 # thank you videos and over 4,000 # ClapForOurCarers videos have been released, which are among the biggest health hashtags at TikTok.

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