TikTok groups up with Tiana Kocher to learn the Philippine Crimson Cross

TikTok works with Tiana Kocher to support the Filipino Red Cross

TikTok and Tiana Kocher's # DonTripChallenge campaign benefits the Philippine Red Cross and the American Red Cross in the fight against COVID-19

Recording artist Tiana Kocher has announced that she is partnering with a social networking company. Tick ​​tack Influencers in a new campaign for the Philippine Red Cross and the American Red Cross to help them fight COVID-19.

The young influencer's #DontTripChallenge on the social media platform will support medical staff and Red Cross volunteers who risk their lives every day amid the global pandemic. TikTok developers and users from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Philippines are actively involved in the fundraisers.

Because social distance keeps people at home, it's easy to get bored in these stressful times. That's why Tiana Kocher has decided to invite other TikTok influencers and users to join their efforts to help key organizations fight the COVID-19 pandemic. To participate in the #DontTripChallenge, users have to check the entries under the hashtag on TikTok to create a suitable dance, or create their own freestyle dance for Kocher's new song "Don & # 39; t Trip". Every day they will select new winners from the submitted ones and announce entries.

Those participating in the #DontTripChallenge on TikTok can be selected to win a gift card worth $ 50 / £ 40 to Amazon or Lazada and a donation of $ 100 / £ 81 to the Red Cross on their behalf to obtain.

As soon as the winners are announced, prizes will be awarded, donations made and the pictures shared online. The #DontTripChallenge provides a fun in-home activity that users can enjoy and share with their friends while supporting COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

The Red Cross is currently facing a critical need for donations. Red Cross workers are currently helping communities in a variety of ways, including after-fire support for people who have lost their homes while staying at home. To date, they have helped more than 39,000 people recover from more than 9,200 house fires in the United States. The Red Cross also supports the community's food efforts by establishing fixed food distribution points where possible, including in some of the most affected areas such as Los Angeles and New York City.

Overseas volunteers from the Philippine Red Cross are helping communities in the Philippines that are exposed to the virus with a variety of life-saving measures. The National Blood Services is the arm of the Philippine Red Cross, which provides the weakest with adequate, safe and high quality blood supply. The donations they receive help the Philippine Red Cross to keep its 88 blood donation facilities running.

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