Tiger beer launches Help Our Streets initiative throughout Asia

Tigerbier launches Support Our Streets initiative across Asia

Tiger beer raises donations and gathers people to support local pubs, restaurants, cafes and food courts in Asia

tigerAsia's international premium beer launched its #SupportOurStreets initiative across Asia to help local pubs, restaurants, cafes, and food courts get through these tough times. It is also a call to people to gather behind their favorite local groceries as a sign of support and send a message that they will be back with friends and family once the safe distance efforts are complete.

More than € 950,000 was committed by Heineken Malaysia (MYR 1.5 million / £ 274.8 thousand) and the Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (SGD 1 million / £ 564 thousand) in the form of cash and vouchers that people can use in their preferred local food & beverage ( F&B) stores can redeem once safe distance measures have been taken. This will help local F&B branches to generate more money to keep their business alive now and to restore business once the safe distance measures are over. Tiger's #SupportOurStreets will expand to Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam in the coming weeks.

Maud Meijboom-van Wel, Brand Director of Tiger, commented the announcement as follows: “Tiger was born on the streets of Asia. In these unprecedented times, we believe it is more important than ever to promote and support local pubs, restaurants and food outlets and all the people who make our streets the lifeblood of any community. We will get over it and if we do that, we will want to be back in our favorite local stores with friends and family. So let's support them until they're back on their feet. "

The #SupportOurStreets tiger initiative encourages consumers to stay away from the road as part of ongoing safe distance efforts across the region. #SupportOurStreets will also support local talent from the region in the near future by digitally connecting them to an audience. Talents come from different areas such as music, dance, fashion, art and food.

Heineken is a winner of the World Branding Awards.

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