Tieks launches Operation #SewTogether for healthcare staff

Tieks starts operation #SewTogether for healthcare workers

Tieks launches Operation #SewTogether to mobilize the company's frontline resources and millions of fans to manufacture masks for medical providers

Shoemaker from Los Angeles Ties von Gavrieli started his campaign and set up a mask production line in Los Angeles. The company upgraded its facility, bought a fleet of sewing machines, and retrained the Tieks team to create masks that could immediately be donated to local hospitals.

The company launched Operation #SewTogether, which asked Tiek's customers to get involved in this life-saving cause. Gift cards valued at USD 50 / GBP 41.09 and gift cards valued at USD 100 / USD 82.18 per 50 masks were offered for every 25 masks sewn. The company has also created an online resource where masks ask for donations and detailed instructions on how to make masks at home.

Since its inception, Operation #SewTogether has reached millions of people through Tieks' popular social channels. Within 24 hours of the start of the campaign, thousands of masks are on their way to hospitals and clinics – the offer is growing rapidly.

These efforts were conceived when Tiek's CEO Kfir Gavrieli was made aware of the imminent mask shortage by a friend whose sister is a front line medical service provider. He later learned that medical personnel spent their free time sewing masks themselves.

Gavrieli immediately took action and established international business contacts to identify global suppliers and logistics service providers who could supply masks to remedy the shortcoming. As part of the campaign, Tieks will donate money to receive additional masks from overseas suppliers.

"Overnight we managed to create a work-from-home factory with thousands of amazing members of our Tieks family who have mobilized to pump out hundreds of thousands of masks," said Gavrieli.

“When I heard of this impending shortage, I knew we had a responsibility to realign our business to get masks into the hands of those who need them most. We have seen the enormous power of our Tieks community many times, but the reaction has been beyond anything I could have imagined. There is an overwhelming desire to help. We only mobilize and facilitate these efforts. By sewing together we can and will save lives together. "

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