three Methods to Amp up your Digital Advertising Efforts

3 Ways to Amp up your Digital Marketing Efforts

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The digital transformation led to digital marketing, an effective technique for companies to improve customer relationships, become more visible and increase their growth. As the digital transformation took shape, pioneers in the digital marketing landscape developed strategies to help companies get the results they wanted. Unfortunately, these strategies have now been implemented by almost everyone, says Mohammed Al Bayat. As a result, they may not be as effective as they used to be.

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That is not to say that all hope is lost, explains Hassan Mahmood. While some of the older strategies may not work, the ever-evolving digital space has paved the way for brand growth strategies. With that in mind, here are the three ways Mohammed Al Bayat & Hassan Mahmood recommend brands to step up their digital marketing efforts:

  • Don’t get carried away by the crown on social platforms

Being unique and authentic is the best way to attract audiences in the digital space. Hassan Mahmood recommends being careful not to get caught up in the social media mania. While businesses need social media accounts, they don’t need an account on every platform. Mohammed Al Bayat explains that you should choose the most suitable platforms for your brand and use them for your digital marketing. Mohammed Al Bayat & Hassan Mahmood also point out that keeping accounts on all social media platforms makes you too thin and doesn’t leave you time to properly execute your strategies.

  • Tell stories through customer reviews.

Customer feedback is a gold mine for any business. It is important to listen and respond appropriately when your customers contact you. According to Mohammed Al Bayat, customer reviews are effectively selling your business and fueling your marketing efforts. Turning these reviews into stories can help you appeal to a wider audience who identify with these stories.

  • Be flexible and adaptable.

Changes in the digital space are inevitable, says Hassan Mahmood; Hence, you need to be prepared and understand that what works today may not work tomorrow. Mohammed Al Bayat recommends facing the fast pace of the digital age and adapting to these changes in order to move forward. Learning to use new tools and trends is a must for the success of your digital marketing endeavors.

As Mohammed Al Bayat & Hassan Mahmood put it, audiences will continue to shift the target post and it’s up to companies to keep up with changing consumer behavior. To do this, they need to step up their digital marketing efforts.