These Are The Greatest Apple MacBook Professional Options For 2021…And Different Small Enterprise Tech Information

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An HP Specter laptop (Photo by Neil Godwin / T3 Magazine / Future via Getty Images)

T3 Magazine / Future via Getty Images

Here are five things in technology that have happened over the past week and how they are affecting your business. Did you miss her

1 – These are the best MacBook Pro alternatives for 2021 (according to CNET).

The editors of CNET – a science, culture, and technology website – have broken down their picks into top alternatives for the MacBook Pro, categorizing them based on size, appearance, purpose, and price. According to the website, the HP Specter x360 is the best 13-inch 2-in-1 alternative with a longer battery life than the Pro. The Lenovo Yoga C940 was voted the best 14-inch 2-in-1 alternative for its features and 360-degree screen, while the Dell XPS 9700 was named the best MacBook Pro 16 alternative that gives users more screen controls offers. Ultimately, the Razer Blade Stealth was touted as the best MacBook Pro model, the Dell XPS 13 as the best for commuters, and the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 as the best budget option. (Source: CNET)

Why this is important for your company:

My company is a Microsoft shop, so we use Windows based devices. Unfortunately, sometimes this means compromising the quality and functionality of some Apple products. So when I buy new laptops, I tend to go for laptops that are more like Apple’s. I am also motivated to recommend these devices to employees who are more familiar with Apple products but who need to work in a Windows world to do their job.

2 – Microsoft releases a new all-in-one office app for iPads.

Last week Microsoft released a new Office app for iPads. The new all-in-one app changes the way Office is displayed on iOS and Android and combines PowerPoint, Excel, Word and various tools specific to mobile devices such as a file browser and PDF management functions. This feature was released for Androids and iPhones last year and is also available on certain Android tablets. However, since the latest version was only available in a modified mode on iPads, it can now be fully integrated into the iPad functions (source: ARS Technica).

Why this is important for your company:

It’s great to see more convergence between Microsoft and Apple, and a huge plus for those who use iPads as their primary device. It’s also good to see Microsoft investing in technology for non-Windows devices. Can you imagine such a heresy 10 years ago?

3 —Trello is redesigning its project management platform for a remote work future.

Trello – a productivity, management, and project organization platform – recently announced that it is undergoing a major redesign and adding some functionality that can help companies manage third-party integration. While Trello is visually reworking both the illustrations and logo used in its apps and websites, the platform will add new approaches to make it easier for companies that are still working remotely due to the pandemic. Upgrading features like whiteboards and custom maps gives companies more flexibility to share information and connect to additional tools. (Source: The Verge)

Why this is important for your company:

We have many customers who use and love Trello. The project management app industry is crowded, but Trello has always been one of the most popular. Hopefully these changes will motivate small business owners to keep investing in this platform.

4 – More and more bosses are using software to monitor remote workers. Not everyone is happy about it.

Recent research published by YouGov and Skillcast has found that more and more companies are tracking their employees’ activities online while they continue to work from home during the pandemic. According to the study, one in five companies is already using this technology or is planning to do so in the near future. Related research, also done by YouGov, showed that two-thirds of workers were uncomfortable with their companies’ concept of tracking things like keystrokes or screenshots when working from home. (Source: ZDNet)

Why this is important for your company:

Do you monitor your employees when they are out of the office? Some of my clients feel that they could spend their time better and I agree. I believe that this type of application is going to decline rather than gain in popularity as more and more business owners learn that the best way to manage remote workers is not to blow their throats off and monitor every action they take but rather giving them specific tasks and goals evaluate them based on their results.

5 – This Seattle HR startup created a virtual program to meet the growing demand for diversity training.

Reverb – a Seattle-based digital recruitment agency – is working on a program of online virtual coaching and webinars to help HR and diversity professionals identify and improve diversity in the workplace. (Source: Geek Wire)

Why this is important for your company:

The program currently consists of 4.5 hours of one-to-one coaching with a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) expert, plus 7.5 hours of breakout sessions and workshops with the hope that participants can develop a specific explanation, recruitment plan and a DEI strategy for your company. Diversity is a very, very important issue for companies of all sizes.

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