The Miami Marlins declares their partnership with Lysol

The Miami Marlins announce their partnership with Lysol

The Miami Marlins come to the fore with Lysol to improve ballpark sanitization protocols

The Miami Marlins and RB, the creators of Lysolhave announced their partnership to work together to improve the team’s existing disinfection and cleaning measures at Marlins Park and to make consumer protection a priority as the team plans to welcome fans back to Marlins Park during the 2021 regular season.

The Marlins are the first major league baseball team to partner with Lysol, leveraging industry leaders with more than 100 years of germicide experience and innovation to put in place improved disinfection measures that keep fans, players and team members safe from the spread of disease – Causes germs during the team’s spring training and during regular season games and exercises.

The partnership comes at a time when 71% of sports fans are concerned about the safety of crowded in-person sports events. The marlins will work with Lysol microbiologists and germicidal experts to step up and step up disinfection measures in the park, with an emphasis on touch-sensitive germ hotspots such as railings, bathrooms, shelters and clubhouses.

RB will provide the marlins with EPA-approved disinfectant products, including those proven to be effective against SARS-CoV-22, the virus that causes COVID-19, used in high-traffic, high-traffic areas where germs are present most common occurrences and dispensers with Lysol disinfectant wipes are made available for fans around the stadium.

“Strong hygiene and disinfection practices are of paramount importance, including for professional sports teams looking to protect their fans, players and staff amid the current COVID-19 pandemic,” said E. Yuri Hermida, executive vice president of North America Hygiene for RB . “Lysol is proud to work with the Marlins to instill fan confidence when they return to the ballpark to continue enjoying America’s pastime.”

“We know our fans are excited to see Marlins baseball in the stadium and that creating a safe environment for them to return to Marlins Park as the 2021 season begins remains a top priority,” said Michael Shaw, Marlin’s Head of Experience and innovation. “This unique partnership between MLB teams gives our fans confidence in the steps that are being taken to implement additional health and safety measures in our stadium.”

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