The Island Quarter companions with Nottingham engineering enterprise


The Island Quarter, Nottingham’s largest redevelopment project, has announced another local name among its most recent project partners that will help move the high-profile location into another phase.

Conygar Investment Company PLC – the developer of the project – has selected a mix of local and national contractors, designers and consultants as partners, all of whom are working together to transform the south-facing area of ​​the city.

Couch Perry Wilkes engineering firm is the latest Nottingham-based company to join the list of project partners, which already includes other local companies such as CPMG Architects, Leonard Design and Macaulay Sinclair developing.

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Nottingham Island District

Quartz Project Services are also announced as volume appraisers for Phase 1A, Canal Turn and Studio Egret West, which will be responsible for placemaking and the public sector.

Work on the first phase 1A of the development, in which the canal basin on the southwest corner of the site is being regenerated, is already in full swing – with two restaurants, an event room and a roof terrace as well as a music pavilion and public spaces. Planning for the second phase, 1B, was submitted in January for a first “Cohesion Utilization Program” in the UK, which includes a combination of hotels, common areas, apartments, green public spaces and leisure facilities.

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Christopher Ware, Conygar Property Director, said: “The Island Quarter is one of the largest city center redevelopment programs in the UK. Because of this, it is important that we have a team on the site that has both the skills and the local knowledge to make it a success. That’s why we want to work with local companies like Couch Perry Wilkes because they are just as passionate about the area as we are.

Island district

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for the city, especially now that the spades are in the ground and progress is being made every day. We want to make sure The Island Quarter is a community that the people of Nottingham can be proud of. To achieve this, it is important to work with a variety of partners, each bringing unique and exciting ideas to the table. “

Ashley Cowdrey, Director at Couch Perry Wilkes said, “We are delighted to have been chosen to work on such an outstanding program. The whole development is really exciting, not only because of its size, but also because of the fact that it is full of potential to expand the city center as an attraction.

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“This area has been in disrepair for years so it’s great to see Conygar breathe new life into it, with endeavors that bring together so many elements of Nottingham’s character – hospitality, housing, business, public space and more – it feels like one focused snapshot of the city and as a local company we can’t wait for it to evolve. “

Nottingham Island District

The master plan for the Inselviertel, which received approval for the outline planning in April 2019, was designed with a complete usage cycle, ranging from student dormitories to office space to living together. A network of public areas and access routes for pedestrians and cyclists will be introduced, with green spaces at the center of the plans.

Daniel Gillespie, Director of Quartz Project Services, said: “We are delighted to be part of a project that so perfectly embodies the city’s reputation for vision, individuality and creativity. We have visited the site several times to do a number of reviews and we are closely following the development progress. Participation in such a program will be extremely rewarding for us and we look forward to being part of a project that will bring so much to the city of Nottingham. “

David West, Founding Director of Studio Egret West, said, “This is a unique opportunity to work on a project that will have such a massive impact on the city as a whole by developing a distinctive, landmark and landscaped neighborhood.

“We are entering a new era of placemaking and this is why a collaborative approach will be so important for The Island Quarter to ensure that it meets the post-pandemic needs of our cities. We want to take as many people as possible on this journey and help create a destination that the people of Nottingham will enjoy for generations to come. “

The landmark development will create hundreds of jobs, boost the local economy and help make Nottingham one of the UK’s top regional cities for investors and employers.

Project managers WES Consultancy and investors Lavignac Securities are both leading the delivery of the project on behalf of Conygar Investment Company.

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