The Energy of Pictures in Digital Advertising and marketing

The power of photography in digital marketing

Simultaneously with the increasing dependence of society on the Internet and the increasing popularity of digital platforms, digital marketing has become one of the most important forms of advertising in the US and worldwide. Digital marketing accounts for around two-thirds of all advertising spending in the United States. In the US alone, about $ 356 billion was spent on digital advertising in 2020, with that amount expected to grow to $ 460 billion of that by 2024. Additionally, 51% of consumers using Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms have been influenced to purchase products by digital marketing.

Given that digital marketing is already the majority of advertising in the US and is only going to increase its share of the advertising market, companies or individuals looking to sell products through online services should use various digital marketing tools available to them You are available.

Product photography

The meteoric rise of social media and photo-sharing platforms like Instagram proves a well-known fact that we humans respond to visual content. The simple reason for this is that it captures and holds our attention better than written content. It also provides more information about a product in less time if done well. Hence, anyone looking to expand their business must take advantage of these visual tools. Product photography can be used both online and offline to sell your products. Online it is a powerful tool for e-commerce and digital marketing. Unless you have in-house photography and marketing expertise, consider outsourcing your product photography needs to a product photography service provider.

The quality of the product photos is extremely important. First, the images are associated with the brand. A high quality image suggests a high quality brand to the consumer. Given the eye-catching potential of visual content, ensuring high quality visual content is twice as important. Second, neither the best-adorned Tiffany engagement band nor Tesla’s latest innovation will look particularly impressive if photographed with a poor lens or in poor light. In other words, even the highest quality products can look cheap if not photographed well. Product photography should be able not only to reflect the true quality of a product, but to improve it and make it even more attractive to the consumer.

Product photography is an important part of both B2B and B2C business. Regardless of whether you want to sell products to retailers or directly to consumers, having a reputable partner is crucial. Well-established companies like Fallon Industries, which have worked with over 100 product companies for over a decade, may be the most reliable choice. Fallon Industries also has an added incentive to ensure the quality of the product photos as they are paid entirely on commission.

Video production

Another valuable tool in digital marketing is marketing through video content. This can include anything from branded videos to how-to videos, and can be short enough to fit in an Instagram ad, or longer when used in front of a Youtube video. Only if the video content is engaging can prospects be prevented from swiping left or selecting the dreaded “Skip Ad” button. A trustworthy digital marketing provider is therefore essential again.

Graphic design

To complete the digital marketing toolkit, companies should turn to graphic design tools and graphic designers. Graphic design includes various marketing or branding tools that can be used online, such as logo design or infographics.

A digital marketing service provider that provides all of these services and more, product photography, videography, graphic design, web design, and more, can provide the most complete and effective digital marketing content to your business.

Final thoughts

Virtually every industry and type of business transaction has at least one online element. Where the customer is going, marketing has to follow so that companies don’t lose their existing customer base and don’t win new customers. This is why digital marketing techniques like product photography have increased so dramatically. However, tools like product photography are only effective if done well. Companies should therefore make sure to hire reliable service providers like Fallon Industries with an established basis and the additional financial bonus of a commission-based payment structure.