The Change Coverage Vital To Enterprise Survival

The change policy that is critical to the survival of the company

The process of deliberate change for companies, brands – and people – is a simple four-step process. First, explore where you are. Second, you decide where you want to go. Third, determine strategies and habits that will lead you to your goal. Fourth, you implement.

It's really that simple. On paper. In real life there are obstacles, habits and fears. Prices must be paid and sacrifices made. In real life, deliberate change is not that easy.

An additional step, a prequel step, is required before deliberate changes are made to make the rest of the steps easier: Destruction.

You must first destroy the things that keep you in place. Our lives are constructed in such a way that the status quo is preserved. where we are. Our habits, our relationships, and our schedules reinforce the maintenance of what we are currently doing. The same applies to our business life. We are held by policies and expectations that lock us in comfort zones and make our businesses vulnerable to disruptions. To make deliberate changes, we have to break some of the bonds that hold us.

To burn what is holding you back, you need to be ready to light the match.

Give up yesterday. Thrive tomorrow.

Change is difficult. Therefore, the future can look as much as the past. And why companies, brands and the managers behind them often lose their lead. Peter Drucker, who is widely regarded as the father of modern corporate management, knew this and recommended that all managers commit to a brutal, yet liberating change policy:

“The first step for a change leader is to free up resources that are used to maintain things that no longer contribute to brand performance and no longer produce results. Yesterday's maintenance is always difficult, extremely time-consuming and risky.

Yesterday's upkeep always commits the scarcest and most valuable resources of the brand – and above all their most capable people – to non-results. However, if you do something else – let alone innovate – there are always unexpected difficulties. It requires leadership from people with high and proven skills. And if these people commit to stay yesterday, they just aren't available to do tomorrow.

The first change policy must therefore be the organized task. The change leader puts every product, every service, every process, every market, every sales channel, every customer and every end user on trial for life. And that regularly. "

Destruction. Task. Change. Now is the time.

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