The Branding Enterprise Technique Workshop

The Branding 4.0 Business 4.0 Strategy Workshop

Leading leadership teams face increasing challenges when it comes to leading in a world in which the boundaries between market, workplace, community and the environment have disappeared. A world where brand and marketing interact with talent and human capital, all with employee and customer experience, finance, operations, supply chain, compliance and more. Add internal silos and often conflicting agendas and goals to the mix, not to mention competitive pressures, consumer and investor expectations, and it gets even more difficult. Brand and company are inextricably linked. A new model and mental framework will be required to thrive in this new reality, where reputation management, social responsibility and sustainability are no longer the responsibility of a single function.

In recent years, this new normality for brand value has emerged. With an organizational purpose as a foundation and social impact and balanced financial results as goals, a new brand architecture is required to control integrated marketing and communication.

A new approach to a new normal

The Branding 4.0 Business 4.0 Strategy Workshop is a one-day workshop in which teams get a clear overview of what they prioritize, where they focus and what they have to say and when for the internal, market-related and ecosystem audience. It uncovers areas of overlap and drives decisions about priorities that can have a huge impact on strategy and budget.

  1. Before work. Week 1-2. Our team conducts a due diligence and exploration exercise that covers your market, industry, and ecosystem, as well as your own business. This includes desk research and short focus interviews with your team. Participants also complete a short, anonymous, and confidential questionnaire that helps them prepare for our time together and involves those who cannot participate in the process.
  2. Workshop design. Week 3. We design your workshop; It is based on our proprietary core framework, but we fill the workshop with relevant, specific content based on the groundwork to shorten discussions, reveal assumptions, and expose common and competing perspectives.
  3. The workshop. Week 4. We deliver the workshop to a location of your choice. The workshop includes presentation, education, interactive work and discussion. Participants also play a business simulation game to prepare them to activate the strategy within the organization.
  4. Summary. Week 5-6. We offer a summary of the decisions made in the workshop with recommended action points.

Who should take part?

Chief Executive Officers and their immediate teams have the perspective and strategic focus necessary to get the most out of this workshop. In some cases, other executives and managers may benefit from participating in a workshop. We also offer a one-on-one version of the Branding 4.0 Business 4.0 workshop for managers who want to use the insights for their own development and performance.

Why the Branding 4.0 Business 4.0 Strategy Workshop?

The Branding 4.0 Business 4.0 Strategy Workshop is the only fully integrated framework for brand, marketing, communication and cultural transformation on the market. Other options are either discipline-oriented or take much longer than the time and opportunity costs the company needs. It was developed and anticipated in 2020 in response to one of the greatest challenges for reputation management.

What are the results?

The results of the Branding 4.0 Business 4.0 strategy workshop are of crucial importance for startup, aspiring, regional, national, non-profit and global B2C and B2B brands in:

  • Gain clarity and trust in the strategic direction of your brand
  • Establish a common vision for priorities
  • Add meaning, inclusive capitalism and sustainable business thinking to your brand model and business
  • Accelerate brand growth and defend brand value
  • Educate stakeholders about new, disruptive and innovative best practices in brand strategy and brand differentiation that affect every aspect of your workplace, your market, your community and your environment
  • Management of internal and external communication in order to stay on the brand
  • Define your brand in its full 360 degree context and not in a narrow brand, marketing and communication perspective

The right answers require the right questions

How will your organization react to the new business pressure in the 4th industrial revolution? What impact will you have on customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders? How do you link the value you offer these stakeholders with the success of your company and your communities?

Our collaboration in the Branding 4.0 Business 4.0 Strategy Workshop leads us to these answers and a bigger future for your brand.

Please email me, Derrick Daye for more. I can also be reached directly at 813-842-2260 in Los Angeles, California.

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