The Better of BP&O — Nov / Dec 2019

The best of BP & O - November & December

Selected by Richard Baird.

In the busy period before the end of the year, we take a look at four of the projects that made it to BP&O in November and December. In this review at the end of the month, BP & O tries to recognize both the intelligent use of small budgets – those that direct expenditure into the most suitable assets – and projects with a broad and holistic quality that ensure continuity (conceptually and / or visually ) produce. over several points of contact. Many of the projects have a concise aesthetic expression, but some are nuanced and others are immediate, so click through and read more about them.

Maria Sole Ferragamo from Lundgren + Lindqvist

The best of BP & O, November & December 2019 - Maria Sole Ferragamo from Lundgren + Lindqvist

Maria Sole Ferragamo is a unique jewelry designer who uses recycled premium leather. Remains of the Italian fashion industry. She has a degree in architecture from Politecnico in Milan and another in jewelry design from Central Saint Martins in London. This interface of fashion and architecture can be seen in the entire collection of the designer and shaped the design of her visual identity by Lundgren + Lindqvist. This consists of a flexible logo, which is divided into two lines in a compact form, and a horizontally oriented version. A number of secondary school logos were designed for the former, including "So-Le Studio" and "Florence"/ Firenze ’and additional information from secondary school. The logos are woven into a visual tapestry that runs across and along the edges of boxes and cuts or frames images online.

More information about this project can be found here

Lookbooks from Studio Lowrie

The best of BP & O, November & December 2019 - Studio books by Studio Lowrie

Lookbooks is an online bookstore that specializes in funny and bizarre past publications. Recent acquisitions include Old Bohemian and Moravian-Jewish cemeteries by Petr Ehl, Arno Parik and Jiri Fiedler, 1991 and 101 Cake Design by Mary Ford, 1987. Many of them are culturally valuable and reflect the time and special niche interest shared the internet. However, the bookstore's brand identity clearly positions this as a cheerful, humorous activity with a cheerful lightness of the logo that doubles the double o-pairs in the name to create expressive graphic gestures. But it's the bookmarks that really stand out. I simple little punch trick, combined with book pages, gives the eyes a nose. A clever idea from London's Lowrie studio.

More information about this project can be found here

Inn Situ by Studio Mut

The best of BP & O, November & December 2019 - Inn Situ by Studio Mut

Inn Situ is part of BTV Bank's cultural program and a series of three events; an exhibition, a concert and a panel discussion. This takes place two to three times a year in Innsbruck, Austria. The events differ in their approach, a Russian doll of nested stories, with each shift reacting to the next. In practice, an internationally renowned photographer has designed a project for the Inn Situ gallery to illustrate the idea. A local musician then composed a concert that responded to the photos that were played twice in the concert hall next to the exhibition. A panel discussion followed, which responded to both the exhibition and the concert.

The format remains the same, there are always three events, whereby the panel discussion and the concert should bring the topics of the artist and his exhibition into context. So far there have been three Inn Situ events, a fourth is due to take place soon. Each is accompanied by a printed program and catalog, as well as a city-wide poster campaign designed by Studio Mut in Italy. These have a similar material and visual language. For the sake of brevity, this article deals with the materials for Inn Situ 2. The framework of the visual identity and the format of the material result are the same, but each fold their own response to the themes present in the artwork, provoking the answers.

More information about this project can be found here

Albert Oehlen's book by Zak Group

The best of BP & O, November & December 2019 - Albert Oehlen's book by Zak Group

Albert Oehlen is a German contemporary artist. In his work with the canvas, he combines a bricolage of figurative, collaged, abstract and computer-generated elements, with the focus on process-related and self-imposed parameters such as limited color palettes. His works, as described by the Serpentine Galleries and currently on view in a solo exhibition by Oehlen until February 2020, deal with the history of painting through expressionist brushwork, surrealistic gestures and conscious amateurism and push the essential components of color and gesture , Movement and time a new direction. This spirit of bold gestures, levels and new approaches is captured in a narrow, unbound artist book designed by the London-based Zak Group. This is an extension of the exhibition.

More information about this project can be found here