‘Thank You’ to NHS – Free Vibrant Posters | Freebies

'Thank You' to NHS – Free Colourful Posters | Freebies

COVID19. A novel Corona virus Disease (2019-nCoV) is a new coronavirus that has not been identified so far. Public health officials and partners work hard to save lives.

How it spreads

Coronavirus disease mainly spreads through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. It also spreads when a person touches a surface or object on which the virus is located and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth. (about Google)

Today I designed high quality colorful posters to say:Many thanks“NHS doctors, nurses, staff, and everyone else who has worked hard minute by minute and hour by hour to ensure that patients are cared for in the same caring manner that we strive for, and we are extremely grateful for that . If you stay at home, print out the posters and display them in your window to say, "MANY THANKS”To key workers, NHS staff, teachers and everyone else who deserves it.

There are Eight colorful posters Ready to print templates. NHS thank you posters are available in high-resolution 300 dpi format (jpg). Available free of charge for personal and commercial use.

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Many thanks to NHS – POSTERS

Many thanks to NHS Poster - 1

Many thanks to NHS Poster - 2

Many thanks to NHS Poster - 3

Many thanks to NHS Poster - 4

Many thanks to NHS Poster - 5

Many thanks to NHS Poster - 6

Many thanks to NHS Poster - 7

Many thanks to NHS Poster - 8

License, use and distribution:

The posters are designed by Yasir Jawaid exclusively for GDJ. This template is completely free for commercial and non-commercial use. However, you cannot claim that they are your own. You should include a link to our website when you share a place.

Download the poster

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