Tesco launches new refillable buying

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Tesco has launched a new line of 88 products that will help the company reduce waste. They partnered with Loop to make this possible. The new feature enables a customer to purchase products from the range and return the containers to the store after the contents have been completed. The store then sends the containers to the shelves for cleaning, refilling, and relocation.

The service will be available in 10 stores across the east of England and will offer a range of popular products, including some of Tesco’s own brands. In partnership with Loop, the global reusable packaging platform, you can now buy a wide range of food, beverages, household and beauty products in reusable packaging.


In essence, the shopping experience won’t be much different than usual. Most people shop weekly – the only difference is that you will see their own loop area or aisle in these 10 stores. If you want to choose something here, just add it to your shopping cart as usual.

At the checkout, you will be billed for the product as usual, but a small fee is included as a deposit for the containers. You can download the Loop app and, once the product is finished, simply return the container without removing the stickers or washing the container.

There will be a return point so you can easily return your containers the next time you visit the store. Simply pull a lever on the machine to assign a unique QR code, stick it somewhere on the container and then scan it using the loop app. Then simply put the container directly into the return point. You will then receive your deposit back.

Sustainability – the time is now.

Ashwin Prasad, Tesco’s Group Chief Product Officer, said: “Now is the time to make things more sustainable for the planet”. He explained that when a Tesco shopper makes the decision to only “add three items from the Loop range to their normal shopping spree, millions of pieces of plastic are removed”.

“Competitors testing various initiatives, such as gas stations, we applaud everything everyone is doing to make that impact on the planet,” Ashwin said.

More information about this partnership can be found at this link.