Tech consultancy AND Digital goals to create 100 jobs in Yorkshire after hiring business veteran

Paramjit Uppal, CEO and Founder of AND Digital

AND Digital has appointed Andy Goundry to be the club’s director at its new Leeds base.

The company hires people for a range of technical jobs, from entry-level positions to technical managers.

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Mr. Goundry has been in the technology sector for more than 20 years. He has built a number of tech start-ups and has also worked as general manager for the Northwest and Southwest for an international software consultancy.

A spokesperson said: “As the club manager, Andy will lead the company’s efforts to find the best digital talent in the region and contribute to AND’s ambitious goal of 10x growth by 2025.

“He will also be part of AND Digital’s presence at this year’s Leeds Digital Festival, where the company will host a number of key events to showcase its unique approach to delivering digital advice.”

Mr. Goundry said, “My role at AND Digital is a great opportunity for me to make a significant impact in the technology sector.

He added, “The company’s belief in the power of people to drive successful digital innovations and transformations really resonates with me.

“Our presence at this year’s Leeds Digital Festival is an opportunity for the company to network with the digital talent in the city.

“We will host a series of events that will talk about the importance of people to digital transformation and why recruiting a diversified pool of talent is critical to success in a rapidly evolving industry.

“We’ll also share some of our thoughts on the potential of technology to make greater social impact in the communities where we work.

Mr. Goundry added, “After 18 months it’s great to be back out there and interact directly with the curious minds and innovators who we know are key in shaping AND’s ambitions to be real to create digital north, could play. ”

Paramjit Uppal, CEO and Founder of AND Digital, said: “Andy really shares our vision of what a successful technology industry should be, not just in Leeds but around the world.

“Leeds and West Yorkshire are of tremendous strategic importance to AND’s ambitious growth plans, especially given the level of innovation currently taking place in its technology and digital sectors.

“In addition, Andy’s knowledge and experience will be essential to help us accomplish one of our key missions: helping customers deliver technology that improves the lives of 200 million people every day.

“We are always looking for talent. We currently have a range of positions for those looking to start their careers through to seasoned tech executives ready for a new challenge – all of which result from attracting new customers and growing existing customer relationships. “

AND Digital is designed according to the “club model”, with each employee being part of a small, cross-functional team known as a squad. Six to eight cadres with a few specialist roles and a management team form an association.

AND Digital operates through a number of clubs in London, Leeds, Manchester, Halifax, Reading and Edinburgh.

The company’s goal is to accelerate the development of world-class digital skills.

It is a digital enablement partner for global organizations such as British Airways, Gousto, NBrown Group and IAG Cargo.

The Leeds Digital Festival features a program of 300 virtual and in-person events celebrating digital culture in all its forms, hosted by startups, technology leaders and government institutions.

The festival, which began on September 20 and runs through October 1, welcomes technology companies from the Leeds metropolitan area, representatives from the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), Ofcom and the G7, and a number of speakers from around the world.

After last year, the festival will take a hybrid approach, with a mix of face-to-face and online events over the two weeks.

Dubbed “the tech event for everyone,” it celebrates everything that encompasses technology and digital, from coding, fintech and social media to artificial intelligence and health technology.

The AND team will host a panel discussion with the NHS and GDS on September 29, moderated by AND’s Public Sector Director Chris Gray.

To learn more about the Leeds Digital Festival and to see the full program of events, visit