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Is a bachelor’s in digital advertising value your money and time?

Is a bachelor’s in digital marketing worth your time and money?

At a time when the Internet is the main source of information for practically everything, marketing strategies have changed beyond belief. Cold calls and roadside banners are quickly being replaced by website banners and Facebook posts. You depend more on the decisions of your favorite social influencer than on TV advertisements. Digital marketing has become

Grasp the Classic Design Fashion with $2014 value of Sources for Simply $29

If you’re a fan of the vintage style you’ll love browsing through the abundance of quality design resources in this vintage-themed pack! The designer’s Timeless Vintage Collection gives you over 20 tools to help you create retro and vintage artwork, including fonts, vintage patterns and illustrations, classic elements, and more. It’s a treasure trove for

$2296 Price of Should-Have Instruments for Creating Classic Results for $29

If you're a fan of the vintage art style, you'll love exploring the plethora of high quality design resources in this new Vintage Treasure Trove bundle! This hand-picked vintage collection brings you a wide variety of high quality vintage ephemera, including beautifully restored illustrations, detailed fonts, high quality textures and much more! It's a treasure