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A summer season of switches – 36 large Humber appointments and promotions made in enterprise

Sam Booth, KCom's new chief financial officer.

Offices have re-opened, gatherings are returning and the recruitment wheels keep on turning. This summer season has seen a host of key appointments across the Humber region, as organisations gear up to bring back pre-pandemic performance or maintain growth in some of the most challenging business conditions. Here we look at the major moves, from

The Coca-Cola Co basic counsel switches to consultancy function | Beverage Trade Information

Bradley Gayton joined Coca-Cola in September last year

Coca-Cola Co’s senior attorney Bradley Gayton will take on a new role as advisor to CEO James Quincey after just seven months in that position.Bradley Gayton joined Coca-Cola in September last year Gayton, who was named General Counsel to Coca-Cola last September, will work with Quincey to “achieve certain key goals,” the company said late