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Leeds cybersecurity consultancy, Pentest Folks, plans growth following 60% income improve

Leeds cybersecurity consultancy, Pentest People, plans expansion following 60% revenue increase

Pentest People, from left: Robin Hill, Co-Founder, Anthony Harvey, Sales Director, Gavin Watson, Technical Director, Andrew Mason, Co-Founder. L.Pentest People, a local cybersecurity consultancy, has announced its expansion plans after a record year of business growth with sales up 60%. Companies hire Pentest People’s cybersecurity experts to test their websites, applications, and IT systems for

Buyer Habits – Why Individuals Actually Do What They Do: ‘Primal Mind’ Creator Tim Ash on Advertising Smarts [Podcast] : Advertising Podcast

Customer Behavior - Why People Really Do What They Do: 'Primal Brain' Author Tim Ash on Marketing Smarts [Podcast] : Marketing Podcast

Our job as marketers is to help people make decisions. Before we can hope to influence people’s decisions, however, we need to understand how their brains really work – how people are neurologically wired. Enter Tim Ash, author of Unleash Your Primal Brain: Demystifying How We Think and Why We Act. Tim is an expert

Folks: Hurst; Matthews & Goodman; Quantuma; Illumar; GC Enterprise Finance

People: Hurst; Matthews & Goodman; Quantuma; Illumar; GC Business Finance

Ein Corporate-Finance-Spezialist der Wirtschaftsprüfungs- und Unternehmensberatungsfirma Hurst im Nordwesten wurde zum Associate Partner befördert. Ben Bradley kam im September 2011 nach einem 12-monatigen Universitätspraktikum als Trainee zu Hurst. Er qualifizierte sich 2014 als Wirtschaftsprüfer, während er im Business Services-Team des Unternehmens arbeitete, und kam 2015 nach einer Abordnung bei Moore Colson, einer Buchhaltungspraxis in Atlanta,

Tracsis snaps up Flash Ahead Consultancy to create new enterprise which can make use of 35 individuals

businessTransportation software provider Tracsis has acquired Flash Forward Consulting to create a new consultancy with 35 employees.Monday, March 1, 2021, 9:05 a.m.Leeds-based Tracsis is also renaming the company to ensure that all parts of the group have a consistent brand identity.The bosses said this will increase awareness of the breadth of the group’s products and

Leeds cybersecurity consultancy, Pentest Folks, launches Darkish Net Monitoring Service

Leeds cybersecurity consultancy, Pentest People, launches Dark Web Monitoring Service

Gavin Watson, Technical Director, Pentest People L.Pentest People, a cybersecurity consultancy at eeds, has announced a new dark web monitoring service that alerts companies to potential data breaches and enables rapid response to incidents. Companies hire the cybersecurity experts at Pentest People to test their websites, applications and IT systems for vulnerabilities that could allow

Folks: Vantage Constructing Consultancy; Ball & Berry; Castles & Coasts HA; Orchard Care Properties; Luma Advertising

People: Vantage Building Consultancy; Ball & Berry; Castles & Coasts HA; Orchard Care Homes; Luma Marketing

Vantage Building Consultancy’s five year growth plan continues with the appointment of Steffen Backer-Rowley to the Manchester team.Backer-Rowley has joined the company as Senior Surveyor and Project Manager.He joins from Paragon BC after previously serving as a project manager for Bond Davidson and Links.Paul Wood, Director and Founder of Vantage Building Consultancy, said: “We were

Individuals: Steven Bartlett; DTE Enterprise Advisers; PHMG; PJA; Avison Younger; Speedy

People: Steven Bartlett; DTE Business Advisers; PHMG; PJA; Avison Young; Speedy

Steven Bartlett, ex-CEO of Manchester social media group Social Chain and one of the UK’s most successful young entrepreneurs, is joining the board of directors at Huel, the UK’s seventh fastest growing company.Bartlett’s appointment as a non-executive director comes as Huel reveals it has hit $100m run-rate sales less than six years after being founded

Darlington companies set to fund modern robotic to present kids and younger folks a voice about their care

Darlington businesses set to fund innovative robot to give children and young people a voice about their care

Left to right: Pat Chambers, Charity Development Manager at CDDFT Charity, Mark Jolley, Managing Director and Specialized Independent Financial Advisor at MN Consultancy, and Nicky Jolley, Founder and Managing Director of HR2day H.R2day Limited and MN Consultancy have teamed up to support the NHS Foundation’s Trust Charity (CDDFT Charity) of County Durham and Darlington by