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B2B Content material Advertising and marketing’s Subsequent Step: Licensed Programs

Graduation cap in the air against a blue sky

PHOTO: Jody Hong Films Towards the end of last year, my LinkedIn timeline was inundated with executives emphasizing the importance of continued learning and upskilling, and sharing the shiny new certifications they had earned. I don’t know if this sudden excitement is because LinkedIn’s algorithm decided I’m interested, or if a significant increase in people

The Armstrong Partnership’s Daniel Owen on B2B advertising’s evolution within the pandemic

Daniel Owen

Daniel Owen is CEO of The Armstrong Partnership, an independent B2B marketing agency that works with leading industrial brands. I recently spoke with Daniel about his role, how B2B marketing has evolved since the pandemic, and how brands can best leverage new technology and storytelling trends within the industry. Tell us about your role (and

9-Determine Advertising and marketing’s 6 Elements of an Efficient Advertising and marketing Sport Plan

9 Digit Marketing Components of an Effective Marketing Schedule

How to use data to your advantage and change your corporate culture at the same time. Working with different customers from different industries at 9-Figure Marketing opened our eyes to a lot of effective marketing. Let us show you how to create an effective marketing game plan. The effectiveness of your marketing plan will depend