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AirAsia is constructing the airline business’s first tremendous app. Ought to different journey companies comply with?

A presentation slide with a diagram labelled 'The Pillars: Travel and Lifestyle'. Underneath are three groups of icons, labelled 'travel', 'delivers' and 'money' with the AirAsia logo. At the bottom is another grouping labelled 'AirAsia media group' with 'chat and 'TV' inside it.

A super app is the name given to a type of app that allows the user to accomplish a number of different things in a single ecosystem, by housing a range of ‘mini’ applications under one roof. The format was pioneered by chat app WeChat (Weixin in China), which introduced a feature called ‘mini-programs’ in

Meet the International Delivery Trade’s Most popular Digital Advertising Company

Meet the Global Shipping Industry’s Preferred Digital Marketing Agency

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