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Kinetic Consultancy launches survey investigating the way forward for business actual property contracts

Kinetic Consultancy launches survey investigating the future of commercial real estate contracts

Kinetic Consultancy launched a survey to get an industry expert on the future of commercial (retail) contracts. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the way people shop, with online retail and e-commerce growing sharply as stores and malls struggle on the shopping streets. For this reason, commercial leadership is considering how these

Actual property consultancy companies improve competitiveness of Saudi actual property market

Real estate consultancy services enhance competitiveness of Saudi real estate market

Esrar Real Estate recently highlighted the growing role of advisory services in the growth of the real estate sector by promoting excellence, quality and professionalism in the industry. Esrar’s strong focus on real estate advisory comes against the backdrop of rising mega real estate projects in Saudi Arabia, fueled by Saudi Vision 2030, which aims